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Choose from a complete selection of premium doctor blades available in a variety of alloys and tips. Provident is the exclusive master distributor of PrimeBlade – the Swedish doctor blade, throughout the U.S. and Canada, and leading manufacturer of end seals specifically designed for the flexographic industry.

Benton Graphics


Benton Graphics manufacturers a complete line of Doctor Blades for Flexographic printing including beveled, short step, round edge and square edge.

Custom Flex End Seals and Doctor Blades from Anderson Vreeland

Custom Flex

Custom Flex is a leading manufacturer of doctor blades specifically designed for flexo. Almost 20 years of flexo press operation provides direct experience in ink metering and containment to address your specific production requirements. Hands-on experience, combined with state-of-the-art materials and proprietary manufacturing methods, allows Custom Flex to offer better doctor blades at a better price.

Anderson Vreeland Flexographic printing suppliesCustom Flex Doctor Blades Literature

Flexo Concepts

Flexo Concepts introduced its first TruPoint™ doctor blade to the printing industry in 1989. TruPoint™ Plastic Doctor Blades are an economical and practical substitute for steel. TruPoint™ blades are manufactured from various plastic and composite materials and engineered to an infinite number of size and profile combinations according to performance requirements. TruPoint™ blades have outperformed their steel counterparts in high speed, high temperature and high abrasion applications, and for the highest quality graphic reproduction.


The Retroflex Reverse Angle Doctor Blade System is an Enclosed System that seals directly on the engraved face of your roll. The Retroflex System offers the following:

  • NO ROLL REWORK: No special sharp corners or exact face lengths are required. This allows the Retroflex System to fit existing rolls without costly rework.
  • FACE SEALING: Only one seal to contend with on each end of the system. These inexpensive seals are quickly replaced without tools and seal on a smooth or engraved surface.
  • DOCTORS CHROME OR CERAMIC COATED ROLLS: The system can be designed to accept, metal, plastic or composite doctor blade material which allows it to doctor a variety of roll surfaces. For optimum performance and roll life Retroflex recommends the use of ceramic coated rolls.
  • LESS FLUID REQUIRED: Depending on cavity design, as low as ½ ounce of fluid is all that is needed to fill each inch of cavity length, resulting in considerably less fluid waste during clean up as compared to a typical fountain pan system.
  • VARIOUS APPLICATIONS: Coated Aluminum or stainless steel cavities allow the Retroflex system to be ideal for applying virtually all fluids to a roll.
  • POSITION REPEATABILITY: Positive mechanical stops allow the system to be continually returned to its previous doctoring position even after blade, face, seal or complete cavity change. Position repeatablity maximizes your machines production time. Optional linear adjustment is available. See details below.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE CAVITIES: Blade cavities can be quickly removed and interchanged with other cavities on the same machine. Additional spare cavities are available to reduce downtime caused by on-machine wash-ups.
  • ENCLOSED SYSTEM: Fluids are retained and recirculated within cavity, hoses and pump to reduce V.O.C. emissions. Being enclosed, greater viscosity control is achieved with solvent as well as water based fluids.
  • INTERCHANGABLE WITH COMPETITORS: In some applications, our cavities can be designed to fit other blade manufacturer's existing brackets.
  • PIVOTING SYSTEM: The Retroflex system is designed to pivot away from your roll using a simple lift lever or an optional reduction gearbox. Pivoting allows for easy on-machine blade and seal changes, and makes complete cavity changes much easier.
  • "SUNDAY" DRIVE CONVERSION: This option rotates your engraved roll at slow speed and lessens the chance of "fill-in" during down times. Retroflex can provide an overrunning clutch package that attaches directly to your engraved roll. Your existing components will be used whenever possible.
  • COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN: All phases of your order, from design to service after the sale, utilize state of the art computer technology. This capability greatly improves quality and delivery resulting in superior customer service.
  • COMPLETE FIELD SERVICE: Experienced field service technicians are available for installation and training. SERVICE PROGRAMS can be tailored to your business needs to assure continued operator training long after installation.

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