Doctor Blades

ProvidentPrecision Doctor Blades

Anderson & Vreeland has partnered with Provident, leading manufacturer and distributor of doctor blades and end seals specifically designed for flexo to offer you a complete selection of premium doctor blades available in a variety of alloys and tips. Every blade offers the perfect combination of straightness and flatness, edge finish, surface finish, strength and wear resistance.

RX Doctor Blades:

  • Rx Doctor Blades save you time and money!
  • Blade changes are quick and easy when the clamping area is clean.
  • Blades are made from the highest grade of steel.
  • Uniform structure and exceptional cleanliness means no scoring.
  • Strict flatness and straightness tolerances translate into the lowest doctor blade pressure to get the job done!
    Doctor Blades

    Chamber Wrap Doctor Blades:

    • Come with plastic film attached to the blade
    • Plastic wraps around the doctor blade holder and is fastened in place with double-sided tape
    • Ink that may go on the doctor blade chamber instead goes on the film
    • When you remove a doctor blade from the chamber, all the mess is removed with it
    • Especially effective for capturing the excess ink generated from back doctoring
    • All the chamber hardware (pins, bars, bolts, clamping assembly) stays clean saving hours of clean up work


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