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ECRM Imagesetters : Mako & Stingray

The Most Versatile Imagesetters

ECRM Mako and Stingray imagesetters are clearly the market leader when it comes to versatility and performance for their price. They are modular and upgradeable, so you can start with the entry-level two-page Mako 36 and grow your production capacity without investing in totally new systems.

  • The market leader in cost-effective, high quality imagesetting
  • Five models to suit your needs, ranging from 14" to 18" to 25" formats
  • Field upgradeable to both larger formats and/or higher speeds
  • Maximum flexibility in media choice of film, polyester plate or paper
  • Built for long-lasting reliability and operation

Mako Imagesetters

Wider, faster, dryer - with Mako imagesetters, you can 'futureproof' your investment: purchase the Mako model to satisfy your current needs and then upgrade to a wider, faster or dryer model as your business grows. For example, if you need your Mako 36 to go faster, handle 18" wide work or run environmentally friendly dry film, it can be field upgraded in hours.

Three Mako models provide the capacity to grow with your needs:

  • Mako 56 - full 4-up impositions up to 22.0" (560 mm) wide; includes color bars & printer's marks.
  • Mako 46 - 4-up imposed pages or poster images up to 18.1" (460 mm) wide.
  • Mako 36 - entry-level imagesetting up to 14.1" (360 mm) wide.

Stingray Imagesetters

Stingrays offer commercial printers the most cost-effective and compact imagesetting solution on the market for 8-up imposed film or plate production. With its low entry-level price point for high-quality imaging, automated punching and full A1 format, the Stingray 63 is the natural choice for printers with plans to move to larger press formats.

Two Stingray models provide the capacity to grow as your needs dictate:

  • Stingray 63 - 8-up or 4-up impositions including color bars and printer's marks up to 25" (635 mm) wide.
  • Stingray 52 - 4-up imposed pages or large images up to 20.5" (521 mm) wide.

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