Flint Group nyloprint® WS-S Digital

NEW- Flint Group nyloprint® WS-S Digital Soft, steel based letterpress printing plate for brilliant quality in coating and printing of special effect inks

Advantages of nyloprint® Digital

  • Higher print quality
  • -Reproduction of finer details and less dot gain due to digital imaging
    -High dimensional stability
    -No defects caused by dust and damaged films
    -No data loss during transfer
    -Smoother plate surface can achieve higher density
    -Highly consistent especially when repeating plate processing

  • Cost effective and environmentally friendly
  • -No film costs
    -No chemicals for film development
    -Electronic filing of graphics, film storage is redundant ▫ Easy and fast data exchange – worldwide


Product Features

Product features

  • Wide range of applications
  • -Ideal for high quality demands in coating and printing with special effect inks (UV-/oil-based)
    -Suitable for rotary letterpress, imprinting units and printing presses for special applications

  • Highest print quality
  • -High resolution – up to 10,160 dpi
    -Excellent solid density due to brilliant ink transfer of the soft relief layer
    -Very good durability for long print runs
    -Reliably reusable for repeat orders

  • Efficient, constant and fast plate processing
  • -Wide exposure latitude combined with high intermediate depths
    -Highly productive and cost effective due to plate processing within 25-35 min
    -Reduced down times on press due to fast replacement of plates
    -Environmentally friendly plate processing with tap water

Product Specifications

Nyloprint Specs

Additional Information

Suitable equipment:

nyloprint® WS-S Digital plates can be processed with nyloprint® processing equipment and all similar devices and can be used with all laser systems suitable for imaging letterpress plates.

Printing inks and varnishes:

Suitable for UV and oil based inks and varnishes.

Washout medium:

For washout only tap water is needed.

Processing information:

A detailed description of the individual platemaking steps, as well as detailed information about processing and storing can be found in the nyloprint® User Guide.

High quality standard:

nyloprint® printing plates are manufactured according to DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 14001 standards and requirements. This process guarantees our customers consistent high quality products and services.

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