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Xante ImagesettersXanté SpeedSetter® Series Imagesetters and Platesetters

Xanté SpeedSetter® Series Imagesetters and Platesetters feature patented Virtual Drum® Engines designed to image extremely high resolution, accurate films and polyester plates. Virtual Drum Technology delivers all the benefits of traditional hard drum Imagesetters, at a fraction of the cost. SpeedSetters' unique internal drum design allows the laser to expose the media at a very close range. The result is a very sharp, very small dot size (10 microns at 2400 to 3600 dpi ), for a crisp consistent image across the entire width of the media. You enjoy better resolutions (to 4000dpi), line screens (to 225 film / 175 plate), and better registration (± .0005" Typical; ± .001" Maximum).

4 negs and registration mark

Accuracy: + .0005" Typical; + .001" Maximum



SpeedSetter 300 Series

Two-up, portrait format... image plates and film...
Available in three models to meet your needs. The 300 Series provides accurate registration in a portrait format (13.3" x 20" max.) and can image film to 4000 dpi - 225 lpi and polyester plates to 3000 dpi and 175 lpi. SpeedSetter engines are also available as in-Line Plate Setters (integrated with plate processor).

SpeedSetter 400 Series

SpeedSetter 400 Series

Landscape format, internal drum imagesetter with twice the production speed of RIPit's basic models. The 400 Series supports resolutions of 1000, 1200, 1600, 2400, 3000 and 4000 dpi for line screens up to 225 lpi on film and 175 lpi plate.

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