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OpenRIP Flexo 7

All-in-one PDF workflow for professional Flexo prepress.

OpenRIP® Flexo 7.0 Professional is a comprehensive, turnkey PDF workflow featuring support for both the Adobe® PDF Print Engine (APPE) and Adobe® PostScript® 3™. OpenRIP Flexo drives a wide variety of output devices including platesetters, imagesetters, laser printers, digital color presses, copiers, ink jet printers and plotters, all from a single, state-of-the-art RIP. This means that your file output differences are a thing of the past! OpenRIP Flexo provides powerful scanning, trapping, screening, advanced imposition and ganging, PANTONE® Color Libraries support, and enhanced color proofing features for your output devices. You now have everything you need for prepress operation in one complete software package.

PDF Xanté Prepress/Workflow Literature

Prepress Automation

OpenRIP Flexo 7.0 Professional with SmartDie™ performs all the repetitive and tedious work of preparing files for output by automatically applying the correct die, step & repeat, distortion, bearer bars and traps to suit a wide variety of presses and production methods. Now prepress operators can focus on preparing artwork in a simple, one-up workflow.

The exclusive, resident Die Database of OpenRIP Flexo allows you to create, edit and store custom die templates to suit an unlimited amount of production scenarios. You can specify step and repeat settings, apply bearer bars and automatically calculate and apply the correct distortion value instantly and accurately eliminating costly human errors.

Utilize the die database to increase prepress production and accuracy with the unique SmartDie feature. Simply tag your PostScript, EPS or PDF files with a SmartDie number, and OpenRIP Flexo will automatically apply the correct steps, gaps, bearer bars, marks and distortion.

Standard Features:

Adobe® PDF Print Engine (APPE) - Improves throughput and accuracy, and interprets PDF files using live transparency without any flattening.

True Adobe® PostScript® 3™ Interpreter (CPSI 3017)

Halftone Post-Processing Eliminates "Dirty Dots" - The new halftone post-processing feature removes dots that are too small to reproduce on press. Controls for spot removal allow a spot size to be defined by a horizontal and vertical limit, or by an overall area that is less than a predefined size.

PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM - Solid coated, solid uncoated and solid matte, and PANTONE Goe coated color library support built into spot color database.

File Preflight - Quickly check files for missing fonts, low res images, RGB colors and color builds.

Monitor Preview - Check page elements, color separations, traps, knockouts, and overprints before you output media.

PDF Preview - Save low-res PDFs of file previews for review on workstations or to e-mail directly to customers.

PDF Support - CPSI, APPE

Custom Print Queues and Job Ticketing - Provides control of digital files, file setup, multiple output devices and job priority.

RasterView™ - Full output resolution preview with ink usage calculator, CIP 3 support, screen angle and density check tools.

Step & Repeat - Step and repeat digital files at the RIP with our quick and efficient RIP-once, plot-many process.

Automatic Distortion - Automatically calculates and applies the correct distortion (reduction) value as you edit step & repeat information.

Internal Die Database - Allows you to create, edit and store custom die templates to suit a wide variety of production scenarios.

Custom Bearer Bars - Add Bearer Bars and set specific gaps, margins, cut marks, register marks and file information. Or, add your own personalized bearer bars to stepped images.

Custom Print Queues and Job Ticketing - Provides control of digital files, file setup, multiple output devices and job priority.

PDF Support - CPSI, APPE

Advanced Proofing - Print ink jet proofs with any combination of colors in multi-color jobs for customer approvals or your press operator.

AGFA® Balanced Screening - Provides band-free gradations and sharp consistent screens.

Custom Plate Templates - Create and store plate templates to suit a variety of presses. Specify header, gripper, image size, and tail lengths.

Linearization & Dot Gain Compensation - Our easy-to-use wizards allow you to calibrate your platesetter or imagesetter and "fingerprint" your presses. Edit records within the OpenRIP interface, specify minimum and maximum screen values, while allowing screen values outside that range to be rendered as clear or solid.

Available Optional Features Adobe® In-Rip Trapping - Now you can quickly execute complex trapping commands at the RIP.

TrapZone™ - Enhances In-RIP Trapping by allowing you to select and adjust separate trap settings for different parts of a page.

Export Proof - Save raster files as low-res PDFs, TIFFs and JPEGs to preview at workstations or e-mail directly to customers.

KoolKolor™ Ink Jet Proofing Technology - Create color-accurate proofs on a variety of ink jet printers and plotters.

KoolToning™ Halftone Simulation - Print ink jet proofs that show the actual linescreen, screening type and angles to be used on press.

PerfectBLEND™ Transitional Screening Technology - Combines the benefits of AM and FM screening for higher linescreens and clean press runs.

StripRITE™ Raster Imposition - Allows you to create and store custom imposition templates to suit a variety of work methods. Generate spreads for books, step & repeat business cards, and perform other sophisticated imposition tasks. The Imposition Layout Editor allows the creation of "Dutch cut" layouts, pages of different sizes and orientations.

Freeform Ganging - can be used with StripRITE Imposition. Place pages or images of varying size and orientation onto one or more sheets on the fly. This minimizes media use and maximizes imaging speeds.

TIFFout, PSout, RRJout and GDIout Drivers - Allows OpenRIP to drive alternate or older output devices.

NetImager - Allows OpenRIP to drive remote output devices that physically sit in another location in the shop.

OpenRIP® Remote - Control your final rasterized files on OpenRIP from Mac OS X and Windows workstations. OpenRIP Flexo is a modular system designed to suit the production needs of individual shops. Device drivers and optional features may entail an additional cost. For a list of standard and optional features call a Xanté sales representative today.

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