Digiflex Inkjet Printing System

Digiflex and the Flexojet1725

digiflex DigiFlex Ltd. announces the nomination of Anderson & Vreeland Inc. as its distributor in the USA and Canada. Consequently, the Flexojet1725 Inkjet Computer-to-Plate system for Flexographic, Dry-Offset, Letterpress plates, and optionally for Rotary Silk Screen.

The FlexoJet1725 inkjet CtP jets DigiFlex Bi-component ink on any Flexographic analog plate, creating a mask in a unique, friendly and ecological method.

Anderson & Vreeland teams with DigiFlex to offer a unique, inkjet CTP system that transforms analog flexo plates into digital plates, eliminating the need for negatives or expensive laser platemaking systems.


FlexoJet 1725

DigiFlex offers a revolutionary inkjet CtP solution, transforming the quality of analog photopolymeric plates for the flexographic, letterpress, dry-offset and rotary silk screen printing technologies, to the digital era.

Digiflex’ solution consists of a high precision printing device, patented Bi-component ink and the software to create an opaque mask on top of the plate, replacing the low-quality negative film, or the need for laser equipment to produce digital plates.Digiflex Labelexpo 2012

After we create the image on the plate, the rest of the plate-making process remains unchanged, which means minimal adaptions to the familiar workflow.The system is affordable to every printing facility and will enhance its profile.Keeping the full plate-making process in-house results in saving time and money, achieving a total control over the plate-making process, and creating an opportunity to take on board more jobs of higher quality, better serving the customers.

Digiflex Dots


Digiflex Inkjet Printing System

Digiflex Inkjet Printing System Video


Product Specifications:


Machine type: Flat bed
Imaging system: Ink-Jet
Footprint w, h, l: 42.5" x 46.5" x 70.8" 1080mm x 1180mm x 1800mm
Maximum plate size: 17.3" x 25.2" 440mm x 640mm
Maximum imaging area: 17" x 25" 432mm x 635mm
Imaging speed: Full plate – 14 min (1.1 sq.m/ Hour).
A4 size – 3.5min
Optional Very Fast mode: 8.5 min (2 sq.m/ Hour)
RIP: 1 bit TIFF
Line screen: Up to 180 LPI
Plate thickness: 28.7 - 90.6 mil 0.73 - 2.30 mm
Resolution: 2880 x 1440 dpi
Output media: Flexographic water-washable analog plates
Flexographic solvent-washable analog plates
Letter-press analog plates
Dry offset metal back plates
Repeatability: 10 µ
Options: Very Fast mode: Imaging speed - full plate 8.5 min (2 sq.m/ Hour)
Pre-punched metal-back plates support
Rotary Silk screen support


Company's Mission

Company's mission

To provide the printing industry an inexpensive, high quality, high throughput, cost effective and easy to use system to produce high quality flexographic & letterpress printing plates.

Our Inkjet CtP system jets our ink on any Letterpress, Dry-Offset, Flexo Analog plates and Silk Screens, creating a high quality mask in a simple, friendly way.

  • Excellent Quality
  • Fast Make-Ready
  • High Performance Superior Cost-of-Ownership


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DigiFlex FlexoJet 1725

DigiFlex FlexoJet 1725

Digiflex and the Flexojet1725 DigiFlex Ltd. announces the nomination of Anderson & Vreeland Inc....

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