June 2012

Discover The Power of Liquid Photopolymer

AVantage® Liquid Photopolymer Resins Randy Reynolds, the AVantage® Businesses Development manager and Scott Murray, the AVantage® Technical Services Representative for Anderson & Vreeland review the steps and processes involved in the making of a AVantage® liquid photopolymer plate. Anderson &...
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Liquid Photopolymer – AVantage Tech Tip #2

Plate Processing Room Specifications for Liquid Photopolymer Processing liquid photopolymer plates requires a dust-free environment, similar to other photographic processes such as film development. The ideal room has a low level of environmental pollutants such as dust and chemical vapors....
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Digital Flexo Plate Analysis

Learn How To Measure a Digital Flexo Plate with the QES IAS Device. Anderson & Vreeland has partnered with QEA to bring the most comprehensive & sophisticated tools for evaluating digital flexo plates & print in in the flexographic &...
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Liquid Photopolymer – AVantage Tech Tip #1

Proper Storage Extends Plate Life of Liquid Photopolymer Proper storage of AVantage liquid photopolymer plates from Anderson & Vreeland will extend plate life and provide faster turnaround on orders that are refills of previously run jobs. Converters dread finding plates...
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