3M Safety comes to the workplace

3M is well-known for their flexo plate mounting systems, but they also offer a full range of workplace safety products.

You probably already know that Anderson & Vreeland are the people to call when you need help selecting the right 3M product for your flexo needs, but did you also know that A&V 3M experts can also help keep your workplace safe and injury-free with 3M safety products?

A&V offers a full range 3M safety supplies, also known as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including safety glasses. According to Anderson & Vreeland 3M certified specialist David Batt, clients are particularly concerned about eye safety. And they’re right to be worried: according to OSHA, there are 2,000 eye injuries per day in America’s workplaces which cost a whopping $300 million each year in treatment, workers’ compensation, and downtime.

The majority of eye injuries, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, are caused by “small particles or objects striking or abrading the eye.” And, interestingly, in one Bureau of Labor Statistics study, 40% of workers who sustained eye injuries were wearing eye protection—but not the correct type.

Obviously, choosing the right eye safety equipment is key to both workers’ health and your bottom line. And the correct fit, comfort, and style will help in getting employees to actually wear their protective gear.

3M Safety glasses, goggles, readers and sun wear, come in prescription and non-prescription options, and fulfill 4 key criteria:

3M worker safetyHigh Impact Requirements: 3M’s safety glasses and goggles meet federal high impact requirements, plus offer a range of UV coatings and a variety of tints created to minimize eye problems like fatigue and stress.

Style: Recognizing that workers will be more likely to wear their protective eyewear if they like how it looks, 3M’s range is designed with a contemporary look.

Comfort: Along with style, comfortable eye protection is more likely to be worn. 3M’s eyewear products are adjustable and made with supple materials so they’ll fit correctly and be comfy. Tip: Safety glasses should rest securely on the nose, and be close to, but not actually touching, the face, and shouldn’t slip because of sweat.

3M protectiveUsable With Other PPE: There’s no point in using eye protection that interferes with other safety equipment, and 3M’s adjustable glasses and goggles can work with a variety of protective gear. And if you need help selecting the right PPE for your workforce, Anderson & Vreeland 3M experts are here to help.

[quote]“As a 3M Certified Specialist, I can help our customers evaluate their current personal protective equipment (PPE) usage and offer potential savings through different products and consolidation,” says Batt. “In addition, we can help you with offering extensive technical support, online and web-based training materials utilizing 3M Occupational Health & Environmental Safety tools & resources.”[/quote]


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