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With its large portfolio of industry-leading productivity-enhancing adhesives, 3M is your all-in-one partner that covers all of your flexo tapes needs to drive results. 3M ensures every job that comes off your press consistently exceeds your expectations. Its optimal and easy-to-use solutions support printing businesses by:

  • Consolidating and standardizing consumables,
  • Increasing your organization’s output, and
  • Going above-and-beyond with customer service.

Between splicing tapes, transfer tapes, corrugated tapes, and more, 3M is committed to providing the highest quality products for every stage of the printing process.

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How 3M Uses Less While Accomplishing More

3M's wide range of flexographic adhesives outstanding quality with ease of use.

Frequently Asked Questions about 3M Plate Mounting Tape

Your FAQs answered on 3M’s flexo plate mounting tape What is flexo plate mounting tape? Is stickyback tape and flexo...
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3M™ E-Series Plate Mounting Tape

Easy On and Easy Off – Demounting with Better Results E-Series Tapes with Easy Mount Adhesive Removing flexographic plates in...
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3M PPE Equipment

3M Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) has long offered safety solutions designed to meet the highest industry standards of excellence. Respiratory...
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3M™ Cushion-Mount™ Pro-Series Plate Mounting Tape

Easy On and Easy Off – Demounting with Better Results Introducing 3M Cushion-Mount Pro-Series Plate Mounting Tape with 3M Comply...
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3M Corrugated Tapes

You are challenged to make products and processes better. 3M have the science to help. Borrow from one technology, such...
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3M™ Splittable Flying Splice Tape 8387

8387 is a 7 mil double coated film tape that separates into two single sided tapes High performance adhesive designed...
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3M Cushion-Mount Plus Plate Mounting Tapes, L-Series

As customers demand higher print quality, you want to ensure that your plates are performing at their peak. 3M understands...
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3M-Matic™ Case Sealers

Improve throughput and reduce packaging costs with 3M-Matic™ Case Sealers 3M-Matic™ Case Sealers provide economic automation for carton sealing. A...
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