6 Reasons You Need a 3M Case Sealer

3M-Matic™ Case Sealers: Your best case scenario.

3M is the company that brought the world masking tape in 1925,  only their second product (the first was sandpaper, just so you know) they offered. So it makes sense that 3M would also be the supplier of top-of-the-line case sealers. In fact, Anderson & Vreeland offers 15 different 3M-Matic case sealers with a range of capabilities.

But why choose a 3M case sealer?

1. They’re accurate: 3M’s patented AccuGlide™ Taping Head technology is designed for speed and efficiency, but are also capable of taping even lightweight corrugated cases with care.

2. They’ll help increase efficiency: Various AccuGlide Taping Heads are available to best suit the box and tape sizing you need, whether you’re a smaller or seasonal operation or a larger outfit. They’re also fast—depending on the model, you’ll see up to 40 boxes a minute zip off your packaging line.

3. They’re best-sellers: 3M is the market leader in case sealers, and they’ve been offering them for over 35 years. There are now over 60,000 3M-Matics with happy customers.

4. Need a part? No problem: 3M has a full-stocked spare parts facility with over 5,000 parts on hand—you’ll minimize downtime and frustration because you won’t have to wait weeks for a part to be sourced and sent.

5. They can deal with the challenges of “new” corrugated: Fiberboard is now lighter weight, and recycled content means a rougher surface. 3M case sealers using 3M tape can seal different types of corrugated quickly and precisely.

6. There’s a helpline: And it’s not just a helpline—it’s staffed by fully trained 3M technicians who know case sealers inside and out. They’ll help you keep production on schedule.

Need new case sealers? You’re in luck—Anderson & Vreeland has a special offer available, the Stimulus Six promotion. Buy 5 3M Case-Matic Case Sealers and get the 6th free. But it’s only on until July 31, so act fast.


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