Flint Nyloflex Xpress

A System for Being Better

The first thing that stands out for me is the range of plate types available for the Flint Group nyloflex® Xpress Thermal Processor,” says Sean Sawa, Director of Sales for Anderson & Vreeland Canada. “It’s a system that gives label printers and converters the freedom to choose which material works best for their applications, process, and substrates.

That broad range is a key part of Flint Group’s strategy for the introduction of the Flint nyloflex® Xpress Thermal Plate Processing System to Canada through Anderson & Vreeland Canada. Launched at Labelexpo in Chicago, Illinois in September 2016, the new device takes a market-defining approach focused on giving converters complete control over plate making. At the same time, it raises the bar on thermal plate quality, simplifies the process, and reduces operating cost and maintenance requirements. The key difference is a system created by the Flint group that lets converters obtain materials and supplies that are designed to work together from a single source.

Paper and film

Engineered by Flint Group, nyloflex® XPH and nyloflex® XPM plates increase the detail that can be placed on film and both smooth and rough paper surfaces while delivering improved solid ink density and fewer pinholes. “These plate materials can provide line screens up to 400 LPI and print with up to 50% less dot gain in highlight areas,” says Peter Fronczkiewicz, Flint Group’s North American Product Manager for the new system. Need more? Coming soon are 2 new inherently flat top plates. The nyloflex® XFH plate has a texture specifically designed for film printing, while the smooth, versatile nyloflex® XVH plate can be used as-is or tailored with surface screening to exactly match the application and substrate. With their stable flat-top dot structure and minimal dot gain in highlight areas, both plates excel in performance and consistency.

Poised to grow with a business

The new processor accommodates plates from 10 x 10-inches to 42 x 60-inches and material from 1.14 mm to 2.84 mm thick in a compact footprint. “The smaller plate sizes are field-upgradeable when needed,” explains Sawa, “so a shop doing small plates today can move up to larger ones when business demands it.

It’s just a matter of changing the developer roll width and you can process larger plates,” adds Fronczkiewicz.

Energy Conscious

Flint designed the system to optimize energy use, with zoned pre-heating of exposed areas. Short-wave IR precisely controls heat distribution for the size of the plate being made. Neither a chiller nor a condenser is needed, further lowering power requirements and simplifying the system.

Operators are kept in the loop with on-board computer software that provides the information needed to run the system efficiently, including diagnostics, operational and maintenance processes, and developer roll usage.

Waste recovery

Many provincial and municipal agencies are keeping a close eye on the waste produced by all parts of the printing industry. Addressing this, the concept of the nyloflex® Xpress Processor extends beyond plate production to a waste recovery program that facilitates the removal of used developer rolls, raw or finished plates, cover sheets, and separators. All that’s required to arrange pickup and disposal is a call to an 800-number, and waste materials are removed.

Becoming better at what you do

When acquiring Flint Group’s nyloflex® Xpress Processor through Anderson & Vreeland, converters not only garner full support and service from Flint Group, but also the resources of the A&V Technologies Team. Led by Jessica Harrell, the Team’s depth of knowledge and hands-on experience future-proofs your business because the Team understands what customers are doing today—and what they want to do tomorrow.

The A&V Technology Team’s skill set, knowledge, and understanding of converters’ needs create a terrific synergy with Flint Group’s expertise,” says Sawa. “Converters who take advantage of the combined knowledge of the two companies simply become better at what they do. It is a combination that raises the bar.

nyloflex® is a registered trademark of Flint Group.