FAMM Amco Testimonial

Amcor Flexibles Approves efficient output of the FAMM

Amcor Flexibles installs it’s 30 FAMM (Fully Automated Mounting Machine) Moorabbin, Australia.


Here’s what Gary McQuiggan, Prepress Manager PE South of Amcor Flexibles Asia Pacific had to say in a testimonial about the FAMM.

[quote]In 2011 I travelled to Cumbria to see the FAMM in action at the SGS plant that serviced Amcor in the region. I was instantly intrigued at the simplicity and incredibly efficient output of the FAMM. I then travelled to Holland and viewed 2 FAMMS in operation at Elopak, again incredible output.

We started our capital expenditure in 2012 with the view of installing a FAMM in Moorabbin, Australia early 2013. Within 24 hours of the machine being delivered, we were mounting plates for all 6 printing machines at Moorabbin, and haven’t looked back. It replaced the incumbent 3 manual mounting machines and is currently keeping up with the daily demands of around 120 sleeves per day. The machine is no where near capacity and we anticipate output levels rising to over 200 sleeves per day, potentially servicing other Amcor sites. It is incredibly safe, efficient and accurate, the three things most critical to our business..my only regret is not having it at our plant earlier.[/quote]


FAMM Amco Testimonial

From Left to Right: Laurie Munikas, Tim Reid, Ian Nye, Gary McQuiggan, Martijn Otten (AV Flexologic) and Alex
Chodin at Amcor Flexibles, Moorabbin, Australia

The Picture above shows AV Flexologic’s Martijn Otten together with the prepress department after a very successful completion of a FAMM installation at Amcor Flexibles in Moorabbin, Australia. This is the 30th FAMM installation worldwide, underscoring the success of the FAMM (Fully Automatic Mounting Machine) principle.

The FAMM®, Fully Automatic Mounting Machine, is the most efficient flexo mounter in the world today. Repeatability, accuracy and speed are unsurpassed compared to conventional mounting, providing a very quick return on investment. There is no need for manual handling and the quality reporting is digital.

Learn more about the FAMM here.

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See a video of the FAMM in Action.



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