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Anderson & Vreeland Canada: Your Corrugated Connection

AICC CanadaThe AICC show at the Pearson Convention Centre in Brampton, Ontario, April 24-25 focuses on the printing and production of corrugated containers, a market that has become increasingly important in recent years. Once a bastion of black-only printing that was often limited to the words “This End Up,” corrugated is growing in importance as a packaging choice for a wide range of products.

Companies of every type are recognizing corrugated containers as the most practical way to ship many products across provinces and across the world, and cardboard—the generic term for corrugated packaging—is inexpensive, readily available, and can be precut to meet a variety of needs. How it gets that way is the result of processes in which Anderson & Vreeland Canada plays a leading role.

AICC Canada

At AICC, Anderson & Vreeland Canada will showcase a wide range of products specialized for the unique needs of corrugated packaging. AICC is a “tabletop show” rather than one with a large booth, but AV’s table and staff will have information on essential products for corrugated production. You’ll be able to learn about AVantage liquid photopolymers, Apex International’s corrugated anilox and glue-set solutions, Flint Group’s corrugated printing plates, Patchplanner software from Hybrid Software, the Troika AniCAM scanning microscope for measuring anilox roll quality, thermal and digital imagesetters from Exile and Xeikon, and a range of tapes and backing materials from 3M, Adheso, Rogers, Tesa, and others.

Apex International LogoNext door to the Anderson & Vreeland booth you can get a closer look at Apex’s Accora, UltraCell+, and GTT Corr technologies and learn about the advantages each can bring to your operation.

As demand for corrugated has grown, more is expected from print providers. The big one is color. “The demand to print in full color has been a big leap,” says Jeff Skolnik, Digital Business Analyst at Anderson & Vreeland. “It demands higher print quality, which means better imagers, more sophisticated software, color management, and more. We know about these demands from our work in other types of packaging, and by working with our partners we can apply that knowledge to corrugated containers.

The mix of products Anderson & Vreeland offers lets us supply trade shops with the best products while helping them address new requirements as they arise. For shops across Canada, A&V is really one-stop shopping. We are corrugated!

While you’re at AICC, be sure to spend a few minutes at the Anderson & Vreeland table. AV experts will be on hand to answer questions and assist you in identifying the products and technologies that can help your business be more successful. And for some advance information on Anderson & Vreeland’s focus on corrugated packaging technology and materials, visit