Apex Anilox Rolls

Anilox Innovation from Apex in Canada

It’s always best to do business with people you know. And it’s easier, too, because of the deep layer of trust that builds up over time, knowing that the person across the table has your best interests in mind. This basic idea lives largely behind the addition of Apex International to the range of products now being offered across Canada exclusively by Anderson & Vreeland.

Exclusive agreement

We’ve offered Apex products for several years, but only in Quebec and the Maritimes,” says Sean Sawa, Director of Sales for Anderson & Vreeland Canada. “Now being able to provide their technology throughout Canada is a win for A&V and our customers. Apex’s technologies and its commitment to helping ensure customers are successful mirrors Anderson & Vreeland’s approach to business, making this alliance a natural fit for the Canadian market.

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Apex products have been offered by A&V in Quebec and the Maritimes since 2004,” says Claude Pineault, who, with Dominic Greaves, represent Apex on behalf of Anderson & Vreeland as technical sales reps for those provinces. “Representing Apex through A&V for so many years increases customer confidence in the solutions we provide,” he continues. “Customers know we understand their businesses and trust that the solutions we recommend take their best interests into account.

As Apex product experts, Mr. Pineault and Mr. Greaves are now training A&V sales reps on the significant advantages Apex products offer, particularly the GTT line of anilox rolls.


Since its inception over 25 years ago, Apex International has become noted for innovation. Now the world’s largest anilox solutions provider, Apex’s forward-looking stance has brought forth some of the most compelling anilox solutions on the market.

By focusing on understanding and addressing customer needs Anderson & Vreeland’s knows brand owners’ are seeking image quality that helps their products and packaging stand out on retail shelves. Being able to deliver a solution that helps printers and converters exceed customers’ expectations is a critical part of how A&V continually expands the range of products it offers. The unique and innovative GTT line of anilox rolls from Apex, which use an entirely new approach to anilox roll engraving, yields superior image quality with less mottling, pin holing, plugging, and dot gain, along with greater longevity than standard anilox rolls. The GTT rolls exemplify A&V’s strategy by giving printers and converters an offering that will delight their customers.

Solving needs

In addition to the GTT rolls, Apex’s products include a full range of conventional anilox rolls, all backed by the company’s dedication to understanding and solving customer needs. For example, Apex offers free anilox analyses to ensure it fully understands a printer’s concerns before recommending a product. The advantages are two-fold: both Apex and Anderson & Vreeland technical sales reps gain a deeper knowledge of a customer’s operation which helps them better address each printer’s unique issues and solve his or her operational needs. This not only addresses immediate requirements but provides a proactive advantage. For example, an anilox roll evaluation might determine that two rolls will need to be replaced within a year. That gives the business owner time to plan and budget for the pending expense, rather than having the need suddenly appear, perhaps at a time when budgets are tight. Alternatively, a converter might think they need one or more anilox rolls but learn through an Apex analysis that the rolls need a thorough cleaning to completely remove dried ink that is reducing cell capacity.

Apex Anilox Rolls

Some customers routinely ask for anilox roll evaluations once a year,” says Mr. Greaves. “This way they know the condition of their rolls and can plan for cleaning or replacement before any problems arise.

It’s easy for a printer or converter to look at anilox rolls as commodities,” says Mr. Sawa. “But there are real differences in the quality and in particular, the companies that stand behind them. Working with Apex International means we can help customers with roll selection and know the customer support will always be there.

For more details on Apex International and Anderson & Vreeland Canada go to: https://andersonvreeland.com/apex/