AV Intelligent VMI backup

Vendor Managed Inventory System

Bringing VMI to a new level, using the latest RFID technology

RFID CabinetThe system uses cabinets or rooms to store items including tapes, dr. blades, end seals, photopolymer, etc. With the use of RFID technology AVI can monitor your inventory needs based on usage data collected.

With the software reporting module, the end-user will see current stock levels, past usage, products that need to be replenished now and products needing replenishment in the near future. This allows the reduction of inventory, freeing up valuable space in your facility.
Consolidation of replenishment shipments will reduce your incoming freight costs.

AVI monitors your inventory freeing up your valuable time to focus more on your business needs.

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Here’s a general overview of how an RFID cabinet system works, and some of the basic components of the system.

You start with an RFID tag which consists of readable item information and barcodes. On the back, the tag is embedded with an antenna and a small computer chip. The item information is encoded onto the chip. The cabinet is equipped with several antennas and a reader which will read the contents of the chip.

RFID Cabinet
RFID Cabinet

The software is designed to read the tags several times per day and log the reads into a history file. We can also see the reads by logging into the program. This allows you to see the reads of the items each day and by using min/max levels set per item the system will tell us when the items need replenishment. If an item is within a given percentage of the minimum level the item will be highlighted in yellow, and if an item falls below the minimum level that item will be highlighted in red. Red highlights mean you have to take action to replenish, yellow highlights are cautionary and can be replaced with red items, thus combining shipments for freight savings.

There is also an email trigger option with the same color configurations where you get emailed at certain intervals during the day.

The same basic principles apply for a room configuration with some modifications to hardware and software.



  • Overall Footprint: 62”W x 43”D x 61.75”H
  • Spacing Between Shelves: 11.75” (Shelves layout customizable)
  • Weight: 660lbs
  • Cabinets are customized and manufactured for each specific application
RFID Cabinet