AV Intelligent VMI

The Automated Solution to
Inventory Management

Manual processes and workforce shortages getting in the way of your inventory stock levels? Our Vendor Managed Inventory System (VMI) uses the latest RFID technology to completely automate your inventory management and control processes.

Curb continuous stockouts by reducing manual inventory and utilizing usage data

Centralize your inventory control and management processes and analytics

Increase workforce efficiency, while maintaining the health and well-being of your team

How the Intelligent VMI Keeps You
Ahead of Your Inventory

Automates Your Inventory Management Process

Reduce man-hours and paperwork. Our software is designed to read the tags several times per day, log the reads into a history file, and share inventory levels with set min/max levels.

Sends Proactive Alerts & Notifications

Alerts can be created when shipments are late or inventory is not placed in the proper locations, as well as be set and proactively sent in various forms to include emails and text messages.

Provides On-Demand Inventory Visibility

As a web-based real-time vision system to inventory, the VMI allows access to information from remote locations and from multiple devices including your phone, laptop, and tablets.

Monitors Inventory Usage Data

See current stock levels, past usage data, and products that need to be replenished or will need to be soon. With more insight into your inventory usage, you can make smarter business decisions and reduce shipments to your facilities.

Increases Operational Efficiency

The RFID greatly saves the human capital required to manage and execute inventory practices in each plant by limiting human interaction in all of the customer facilities, and not bring outside contact into the buildings.

Achieve a More Sustainable Facility
with the Intelligent VMI

By utilizing inventory usage data, you can analyze your facilities’ specific inventory trends to identify opportunities to bundle
your orders and reduce your shipments. With fewer shipments, you can create a more positive impact on the environment.

“The important part of the VMI is that it’s not managed by a person, it is an automated system. If I’m
not here or busy, the inventory management is still going to get done. I don’t need to worry about
things running out.”

Steve Mead, Printing Supervisor at Bison Bag

A Custom Implementation Plan for You

The Anderson Vreeland Inventory Management Team works closely with our customers to understand, provide, and
implement inventory programs that maintain efficient and accurate supply levels from our warehouses to customer supply

How We Get You on the Path to Smart Inventory

  • We identify which of your products should be integrated into the VMI solution.
  • We work with you to establish your inventory levels and re-order points.
  • We develop a tailored solution for your specific inventory levels and shipments.

Dimensions of the Equipment

Cabinets are customized and manufactured for each specific application.

a white box with shelves

Overall Footprint:

62”W x 43”D x 61.75”H

Spacing Between Shelves:

11.75” (Shelves layout customizable)



Get Ahead of Your Inventory Stock Levels

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