AVMaster Liquid Photopolymer

Anderson & Vreeland’s AVMaster Liquid Photopolymer is a niche product with a lot of benefits.

AVMaster Molding Liquid PhotopolymerAVMaster Liquid Photopolymer is a specially formulated resin for the molding industry, used for rubber plate making molds. Great for very bold and signage work, this product is also economical and environmentally sensitive.

AVMaster Liquid Photopolymer was added to Anderson & Vreeland’s resin offerings about 3 years ago to fill out the company’s resin portfolio. Randy Reynolds, AVantage Business Development manager, explains AVMaster Liquid Photopolymer’s uses and benefits.

What is it?: A specially formulated resin for the molding industry.

How it works: The hard polymer is impressed into a matrix press board. Once this mold is formed, it’s then pressed into a rubber blanket to produce the printing plate. It’s also used in the sand casting and signage markets where a similar process is used. The master resin plate is impressed into a sand mold and then the cavity that is created is filled with molten metal to form the actual sign. One other application is for the manufacturing of a printing plate itself. One example would be for the Bingo Card printing industry. The advantage here is that the plate is very durable and will withstand multiple printing impressions that would be required for long press runs of Bingo Cards.

What projects is it good for?: Good for bold printing and architectural signage.

AVMaster Molding Liquid PhotopolymerReduced environmental impact: The resin is processed with detergents, defoamer and developers that are then discharged down any conventional waste water drain within any municipality. Plus, there’s the additional benefit that any non-exposure areas of the plate are 100% reclaimable—meaning the resin can be used and imaged again. Reynolds recommends a 3:1 ratio with new and repurposed product.

Cost-effective: You’ll save on chemicals because no solvents are used to washout the plates, saving from 60% to 75% in costs. It’s also quicker, taking up to 50% less time to fully process.

Key Benefits:
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  • Low tack plate throughout
  • UV, heat, and humidity stable
  • Wide exposure latitude, deep reverses
  • Excellent durability

For a good look at AVMaster Liquid Photopolymer in action, watch this demonstration video, which shows the step-by-step process of making an AVantage liquid photopolymer plate.

And this video shows how to reclaim Liquid Photopolymer resins that haven’t been exposed to ultraviolet light for reuse.

You can learn more about AVMaster Liquid Photopolymer here or see all the AVantage™ Liquid Photopolymer line here.

Then make sure you contact AV for your Free Sample of AVMaster Liquid Photopolymer.



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