Box Office Graphics Make the Jump

Box Office Graphics is a graphic design company in Barrie, Ontario that provides its customers with prepress services, graphic design services, platemaking services, and more. With over 35 years in the industry, Box Office Graphics continues to build on its...
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Canada Case Study: Supremex

Life’s Hardest Questions? Window or Aisle? Coke or Pepsi? Solvent plates or Water wash? So here’s the thing. Solvent costs you money when you use it, store it, and send it out for recycling. Then when you get it back...
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Creating a New Machine

When you go into flexo shops across Canada you hear a lot about day-to-day processes and procedures that may work well but still have an appetite for a shop’s productive time. Then you find a customer who has had enough...
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Recovering Wasted Time

It began modestly, with boxes. Then, very quickly, Shippers Supply founder Ron Brown recognized that people buying boxes also needed tape, hand trucks to move them, shelving to store them, and especially labels. Graphics Department Manager Blake Pompu says the...
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The Goldilocks De-mounter

The homemade de-mounter stuck out at a right angle from a steel post. No matter how you looked at it, it left something to be desired. Awkward, hard to use, and with an appetite for production time, it was not...
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Predictable Print Quality

You probably have an accountant who guides you on the right moves to help ensure profitability. But do you ever think of doing the same to help achieve predictable print quality? “If we can help a printer manage their anilox...
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