We Are Corrugated!

The quality of flexo printing for corrugated applications has improved significantly in recent years due to improved technology and flexo plate materials. The increase in quality also helps meet increasing demands of the packaging industry for improved print quality and consistency while controlling costs and reducing environmental impact.

The Expertise of a manufacturer with the product offering of a distributor

Anderson & Vreeland is your source for all your corrugated printing needs. We are the only North-American supplier that can both distribute and manufacture liquid photopolymer and consumables for the corrugated market.

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AVantage Liquid Photopolymers

AVCorrugated Liquid Photopolymer

The perfect solution for Corrugated Printing AVantage liquid photopolymer resins are designed to meet the increasing demands of the packaging industry for improved...
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Liquid Photopolymer Ancillary Items

Liquid Photopolymer Ancillary Items Anderson & Vreeland has a complete line of ancillary items to compliment the complete line of...
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Corrugated Plates

XSYS nyloflex® printing plates

nyloflex® printing plates – to meet every challenge. To further enhance the quality standards achievable in flexography, XSYS regularly develops new improved recipes of photopolymer plates to meet the latest market developments, such as new printing substrates and higher printing speeds.

Corrugated Software

Hybrid Patchplanner

Flexo Plate Mounting Workflow for the Corrugated Industry Patchplanner takes a PDF digital design file and optimizes the layout of...
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Corrugated Equipment

Exile Thermal Imagesetters

Exile’s thermal imagesetters provide unique, reliable, affordable and chemistry-free imaging solutions to an array of graphic display and oil and...
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ThermoFlexX Digital Imagers

ThermoFlexX represents a new product line of reliable, high-quality digital imagers offered by XSYS for flexographic platemaking. Comprising leading-edge hardware...
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3M Corrugated Tapes

You are challenged to make products and processes better. 3M have the science to help. Borrow from one technology, such...
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Adheso Graphics Corrugated Products

FlexSoft® PVC/Foam Backing Mounting Material FlexSoft® P-Series materials are constructed using flexible .030 PVC carrier sheet materials laminated to micro-cellular...
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Corrugated Accessories

Mounting Strips, Leadedge and trailed strips Evol strips Grommets

PVC Backing

PVC Tech .030 PVC Backing Available in the following lengths: 48”, 62” Available Colors: Clear, Blue Translucent, Yellow Translucent, Opaque...
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Roger’s open-cell urethane R/bak® cushion mounting foams and Rogers Tapes are just what printers worldwide rely on for shock absorption,...
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