How to Improve Flexo Press Runs – Safe & Effective Flexo Cleaning Supplies

Using the right cleaning supplies for your flexo presses, printing rollers and plates plays an important role in the quality and efficiency of your press runs. When our Technologies Team is asked to diagnose an anilox roll or printing problem it is sometimes the result of using incorrect cleaning chemicals.

The best way to ensure you are using the right flexo cleaning chemicals and supplies is to ask your AV Technical Sales Rep or contact A&V’s Technologies Team. Anderson & Vreeland offers a complete selection of anilox roll cleaners, flexo plate cleaners, anilox roll brushes, and flexographic ink cleaning supplies manufactured by EPA-recognized FlexoCleaners.

FlexoCleaners is known for manufacturing the largest selection of environmentally-friendly, chemically superior flexographic ink cleaning chemicals and supplies, all backed by a comprehensive 100% money-back guarantee. These chemicals are good for you and easy on the environment, but they are formulated for specific tasks, so crossover applications like using a water-based anilox roll cleaner on solvent-based ink is a big taboo, until now. FlexoCleaners has developed SIRC Green, a new water-based cleaner specifically designed for cleaning solvent inks, stubborn UV inks, and water-based inks. This highly effective solution features neutral Ph and zero VOC’s.

If you have questions regarding the maintenance of your flexo press and plates or are looking for improved cleaning solutions and supplies, contact your A&V Technical Sales Representative or our Technologies Team.