What is Flexopodz®?

Flexopodz LogoFlexopodz® was created to help plants with no place to store their precision-manufactured flexographic printing sleeves.

Flexopodz® is high-density mobile storage solution created by mounting shelving onto a carriage-and-rail system. Every flexographic printing sleeve is stored vertically and is secured in place with track-mounted protective holders. Adjustable shelves within each Flexpodz® unit offer complete flexibility to cater for all sleeve sizes. Flexopodz® also accommodates cylinders, plates, magnetic dies, and even ink!

FlexopodzFlexopodz features built in sleeve holders to keep flexographic sleeves stored vertically on a shelf while being held from the top so they don’t tip over during handling. We can customize the layout, functionality and even provide custom graphics. Individual podz can easily be configured to meet anyone’s specifications and are field upgradeable to mechanical-assist or fully motorized systems. An optional high-density configuration increases space or capacity by eliminating wasted aisles.

By mounting shelving or cabinets onto a movable carriage-and-rail system, the empty space needed for a fixed aisle type installation is eliminated. It’s a simple concept that allows flexo print facilities to significantly increase storage capacity, or to store the same amount of items in half the footprint. It’s simple: By storing more sleeves in less space, Flexopodz® saves valuable floor area.

Many storage solutions are poorly designed, badly installed, and disorganized. Flexopodz® mobile shelving expertise and our network of qualified installers are essential when configuring a storage system that not only meets the unique and demanding requirements of your printing plant, but meets the specifications of local building regulations.

What do you get with Flexopodz?

When storage areas get overcrowded and disorganized, other issues can crop up: decreased productivity, safety hazards. Ultimately this results in a negative effect on the bottom-line.

Expandable: Flexopodz® is an expandable and modular storage system specifically designed for the safe and protected storage of flexo sleeves. The system safely stores hundreds or thousands of sleeves without gravity affecting their shapes. Flexopodz® is designed to be expanded to fit the growing needs of your plant. Flexopodz® fits more sleeves per shelf than any other alternative.

FlexopodzWell-organized use of space: The system is designed and custom built to store sleeves of different dimensions on a multiple level system. Flexopodz® will preform a pre-site inspection that includes a sleeve inventory audit and assessment of the physical warehouse space and flooring. Once information is gathered, Flexopodz® will present a comprehensive storage plan proposal to accommodate current and future sleeve storage requirements. The Flexopodz storage plan will minimize floor space while maximizing storage capacity.

Prevents sleeve damage: Flexopodz® ensure maximum protection for sleeves or any size, type, or configuration.

Easy access: The Flexopodz® system assures easy access, storage and retrieval. All sleeves can be easily retrieved and are readily identifiable with a magnetic labeling system, saving valuable operator time.

Flexopodz® are offered in three modes of operation:

Manual: Each manual carriage and rail Flexopodz® system is reasonably effortless to pull in and out for easy access to your plate sleeve inventory.

Mechanical-assist: Each set of shelves is easily moved back and forth by turning a mechanical lever.

Powered controls: All shelves are powered and automatically moved to provide easy access to the sleeves that you need for your next print job.