Get Smarter at an A&V Webinar

No matter how you access it, the Web is today’s dominant source of information on just about every topic. From fixing your plumbing to growing vegetables to making your pressroom operate more efficiently, the Web lets you access the combined knowledge of many experts via your phone, tablet or computer. When used well, the Web is a marvelous resource that many people turn to daily.

One of the its key resources is webinars, those online forums, panels and discussion sessions that dive into a topic to share information with national and even global audiences. So popular are these sources that it can be hard to decide which are “must-do” events worthy of time off the shop floor. The answer depends on how valuable the content is to your day-to-day work..

Must-Have Info

Throughout 2016 the Anderson & Vreeland Technologies Team developed and produced four information-rich technical webinars covering crucial details of flexography: water-wash platemaking guidelines, viewing conditions, best practices in plate mounting, and color management using Xrite eXact. Well-attended by flexo pros from all over North America, these hands-on, experience-based insights of the A&V Tech Team provided attendees with essential information for raising the bar on efficiency, throughput and productivity.

Customers have told us that the 2016 Tech Tips webinar series provided important information about Anderson & Vreeland products and services, along with giving advice on how the latest innovations in our industry can help their company be more efficient,” says Jessica Harrell, Technologies Team Manager.

The 2016 series that drew A&V customers from all types and sizes of flexo print facilities resumes on March 30 with a close look at thermal plate making and processing, specifically the new Flint nyloflex® Xpress thermal processor and XFH and XPH thermal plates. The plates, substrates and processor used in the Flint Xpress system are designed to work as a single end-to-end process with the goal of enhancing prepress efficiency and throughput.

In the March 30 webinar Jessica Harrell will lead you through the new system and describe how it provides complete control over platemaking, improves thermal plate quality, and trims operating costs and maintenance requirements. Jessica will also explain how converters can test the system, what materials are available, and review some printed samples, as well as sharing input from customers who already have the new system in place.

Plan to spend some time on March 30, from 1 to 2 PM EST, to hear first hand how the Flint nyloflex Xpress offers new levels of efficiency to many types of converters, and why it may be a good fit for your shop.

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