How Themed Packaging Inspires Consumers to Buy Products

Every year millions of surrogate vampires, goblins, and zombies are inspired by Halloween packaging at the point of sale. The National Confectioners Association has reported 65% of consumers will pick themed packaging over plain packaging during the Halloween season.

To capitalize on this spending, there are a plethora of products with Halloween-themed packaging for this ghoulish holiday. Here are some examples to help you get in the spirit.

Halloween Cereals

General Mills “has cracked open the Halloween cereal vault” this year with three spooky cereals… Boo Berry, Count Dracula, and Franken Berry. General Mills has partnered with Blippar to bring the Monster’s personalities to life through augmented reality on both the front and back of the cereal box.

Halloween Biscuits

Halloween Buddy Biscuits are a seasonal line of pet treats created specifically for Target. This Halloween packaging will surely build impulse sales at the point of purchase and make for happy pets on the home front.

Halloween SodaJones Soda Co., a premium beverage company known for its unique flavors, is continuing its tradition of offering spooky-themed beverages this Halloween with two delicious flavors… Blood Orange and Lemon Drop Dead. This year’s packaging is inspired by the vintage look of classic monster movies.

Halloween FantaCoca-Cola Enterprises is adding spooktacular editions of Fanta to make the most of the Halloween opportunity this autumn. Reflecting Fanta’s playful nature, its packaging will be haunted with spooky jack-o’-lanterns across its Orange, Orange Zero, and Fruit Twist variants.

Halloween Wine

These ghostly wine bottles are designs that feature the artwork of Sean Wells and Daryl Wells. Both have designed wine and beer bottles that feature a Muerto motif. This packaging is perfect for Halloween and the bottles are becoming collector items.

These are just some examples of seasonal packaging, and the stakes are high. Approximately 60-70% of purchase decisions are made in the store and studies show that consumers make choices in as little as 20 seconds.

You will see more limited edition packaging tailored for Halloween and other holidays as digital printing and technology make shorter runs economically feasible. In the past, manufacturers have been forced to accept high minimum orders for print jobs due to economies of scale. With digital, the minimum job size issue disappears with little to no setup time requirements, and the cost associated with preparing plates is eliminated.

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