How to Avoid Press Downtime Caused by Worn Out Sleeves

If you’ve experienced deteriorating image quality during a long production run you know the value of identifying sleeve condition before mounting on a press. Knowing the condition of your sleeves can save you serious time and money by avoiding press downtime, and improve your overall printing performance.

Recognizing the importance of sleeve condition, AV Flexologic introduced the TIR Sleeve Measurement System, an innovative tool that identifies sleeve and cylinder quality. The TIR system analyzes the quality of sleeves and cylinders, with or without tape, by measuring the “3D landscape” of the surfaces.

With this information, you gain a thorough insight into the quality of your sleeves and cylinders and can build a record on the exact condition of each sleeve in stock. Subsequently, your sleeves can be placed on the press with correct pre-settings that will improve printing performance.

The TIR system is extremely accurate and even monitors the distance between the guiding rail and the full length of the axis. It calibrates any irregularities to ensure precision on a micron level, even after a year of heavy-duty use. You’ll find this patented technology improves the print quality significantly.

AV Flexologic TIR Surface Scan

This image illustrates a complete scan of the surface in which different colors show the depth and diameter of the sleeve at each position. Operators can pre-set specific tolerances that define whether a sleeve is still usable. It can also give a view of the roundness of the sleeve. The ability to check the exact condition of each sleeve is essential for high-speed production with minimum pressure settings on the press.

[gldr_quote]”The TIR Measurement system is our newest innovation that saves customers considerable costs in the printing stage. Satisfied customers are using our TIR system on a regular basis to keep track of the quality of their sleeves. Knowing the exact condition of your sleeves increases the mounting and printing output as well as your workflow & efficiency!” Martijn Otten – General Manager[/gldr_quote]

The TIR Sleeve measurement system comes as a stand-alone machine, but can also be fitted in the Semi Automatic Mounting Machine (SAMM) and Fully Automatic Mounting Machine (FAMM).

About AV Flexologic

AV FlexologicFor the past 30 years, AV Flexologic has been the driving factor behind the biggest innovations in the flexographic prepress and especially the mounting industry. After inventing numerous innovations, AV Flexologic now has a patent on automatic mounting using image recognition. The (semi-) automatic mounting machines are more accurate and precise than any operator could be. AV Flexologic continues to innovate for the benefit of its customers.

AV Flexologic has a clear goal to provide the best solutions between the design and the printing press. Although the company is best known for its mounting machines, the company has a wide range of products that have been developed throughout the past decades. Quality plate making equipment, tape applicators, de-mounters, and sleeve cleaners belong to the portfolio. All these products have been developed together with their clients.