Looking Forward

The importance of being a strategic partner

Unique from the Ground Up

Anderson & Vreeland occupies a unique position as the lead supplier to the flexographic printing marketplace. We are the only company that both makes and sells a full range of supplies, materials and peripheral equipment as well as digital inkjet presses. This is an important distinction. Making, selling and supporting products fosters a more strategic perspective on the market than merely reselling products made by other companies. This difference is at the heart of the focused, consultative approach we bring to every customer relationship and gives A&V a holistic appreciation of our industry that’s unlike that of any other company.

This deep understanding of our customers and their markets ensures that everything we offer, from thermal and photopolymer plates to digital label presses to cleaning solvents, is the best possible choice for a flexographic converter’s business. Working as strategic business analysts and consultants we identify solutions that help customers succeed. Sometimes, if we don’t have what a converter needs, that means recommending the best product we know of, even when it comes from another supplier, because our goal is our customer’s success, not simply selling a product.

56 years in the making

In this age of constant consolidation and change, we believe this strategic approach to fostering customer success—now 56 years in the making—benefits everyone in the industry. Listening to, understanding and supporting the needs of flexographic converters sets us apart and helps ensure A&V is always part of the relentless motion that drives our industry forward.

Industry-wide change and consolidation have become business as usual, and a key part of success is taking advantage of the latest technologies. We believe this is vital to for both flexographic and digital printing and is why we have deepened our established relationship with Flint Group by offering and supporting the new Flint Xpress Thermal Plate Processor.

As with any new product, our uniquely qualified technology teams examined and tested every detail of the new device to ensure we can qualify and quantify its value for our customers. With the new Xpress Thermal Plate Processor our teams used their hands-on pressroom experience to make sure it would meet the needs of all types of flexographic printers and provide a solution that would raise the bar in terms of quality, reliability and productivity. The first installation was at Best Label in Union City, California with several others following just weeks after the new machine became available.

Our tech and digital teams did a similarly deep dive into the Screen Truepress L350UV. We continue investing in digital printing because we believe making the shift to digital label production is critical for many converters, and that selecting the right press is a make or break decision for every shop. As we evaluated the Screen Truepress we considered the full range of jobs that could be run on it, from job length to substrates to real world productivity. Only once our teams were satisfied did we commit to offering and supporting this powerful press. Customers were interested immediately. The first installation was Alpine Packaging in North Versailles, Pennsylvania, with others coming online soon. Most adopters are members of TLMI, the Tag and Label Manufacturer’s Institute, the premier association of tag and label converters and one of our key allies in ensuring all our products and services provide lasting value.

Corrugated Inititative

As we move through 2017 we will also be expanding our initiative in corrugated packaging. A dedicated team of experts will be focusing on this space to provide technical support for resins and mounting products. As with our many flexo products, we hold an unparalleled position as the only OEM supplier and manufacturer of liquid resins, consumables and the supporting portfolio of products for the corrugated market.

Bullish on our Industry

Our initiatives in thermal plate processing, digital inkjet printing and corrugated are just one way of showing our commitment to this industry. We are bullish on all of flexographic, digital and corrugated printing markets. Throughout 2016 we focused on delivering the products and services converters need to be successful. That helped us grow, and part of that success is the acquisitions we’ve made in recent years. We will continue on that path in 2017 and beyond.

A Different Conversation

The best sales people in almost every business use some kind of consultative approach, whether their product is real estate, automobiles, home electronics, or flexographic printing equipment. Our intimate understanding of customers’ businesses and our close relationships with equipment vendors lets us take this approach to a much higher level and enables a different conversation—one about business strategy and success rather than products.

We talk every day, not only with press operators and pressroom supervisors but with business owners and executives who are seeking ways to make their companies stronger, more agile and more profitable. We understand the stresses you are under: relentless deadline urgency, budget constraints, staffing issues, the pace of technology, and worries about pricing and competition. Moreover, listening to what you say helps us align our offerings with the needs of your business.

The hockey great Wayne Gretzky said he skated to where the puck was going, not to where it had been. Likewise, knowing the depth of your concerns, we look out three, four, and five years to where the market is going to make sure we are in alignment with it and can continue to provide what you need to be successful.

Anderson & Vreeland is the leader in products and services for flexographic printing and want to be part of the conversation when you seek out products and services that will help drive your business forward and enhance the value you provide for your customers. Let’s talk!

By Darin Lyon
President & CEO, Anderson & Vreeland