Omet Flexo Press

Leveraging Technical Smarts

No matter how well prepared you may be or how skilled your staff is, there can be times when things don’t quite go according to plan. So which resource do you call on when your internal team has run out of solutions?

Fortunately, many answers can be just a phone call away. Begin with your local Anderson & Vreeland Account Manager. Skilled in thinking and acting consultatively, the Account Manager may be able to identify the problem and recommend a solution. If not, he or she can determine the right A&V resource to provide the assistance you need.

For example, for an issue related to aging equipment or software, an A&V Digital Business Analyst will be able to gather information about your needs, determine the latest solutions, and develop a list of available options tailored to fit the needs of your production environment. These may range from proofing and color management software to prepress and file RIPing solutions to up-to-date imaging equipment and quality control devices.

Knowledge and experience

With issues related to product support or training needs, the Anderson & Vreeland Technologies Team is available to assist. This group of specialists is focused on educating customers, providing training on how new products fit into production environments, as well as optimizing and troubleshooting materials related to platemaking and printing. The Technologies Team can provide remote or onsite assistance and in-depth reports detailing problem areas, recommended instructions, and action items. A&V Technologies Team members draw on expertise gained from working with products in dozens of flexo shops—sometimes including products A&V does not sell. This exposure helps them peel back the covers of the equipment, delve into the software, identify the strengths and weaknesses of systems, and recommend the best solutions for your environment.

First certification logoAll Anderson & Vreeland Technologies Team members are FTA FIRST Implementation Specialist Level 3 Certified, with some members further qualified in color management systems including CGS, EFI, G7, and GMG. This broad expertise makes Technologies Team members a valuable resource for flexographic print providers seeking to address challenges before they occur, while they are happening, and help customers be better prepared to handle demanding new jobs in the future.

Thinking outside the box (and the multi-wall bag)

Or maybe you have a challenge related to liquid photopolymer or film output? Calling the AVantage Team brings many years of combined knowledge and experience in the corrugated and multi-wall bag industries. Drawing on a wealth of field experience, as well as involvement with such organizations as the FPPA and the PSSMA, the Technologies Team and the AVantage Team understand the industry and are fully equipped to evaluate all operational efficiencies They are extremely effective at working alongside customers’ production teams to create best practices for prepress, platemaking, and corrugated mounting departments. Often the AVantage Team and Technologies Specialists work together to help improve print quality and quality control education in the pressroom.

Equipment on the fritz?

And, if your equipment just stopped working entirely, we can address that, too, through our highly-skilled team of Equipment Service Engineers. With members located throughout the United States and Canada, this group works both onsite and remotely and is on-call to keep equipment running and up-to-date. The Service Engineers have access to a wide variety of spare parts, and the more information you can provide up-front will help them get to the bottom of a problem and make sure the right parts are ordered. After you make initial contact, be prepared to provide some photos and videos of the issue. Such visual examples are extremely helpful and help point the team in the right direction to repair a machine as quickly as possible.

Of course, the evolving dynamics of print technology often means that some challenges involve multiple equipment and software issues. To provide complete solutions, Technologies Team members go beyond addressing one-off concerns and provide proactive support for future challenges.

Connecting the dots

So the next time a technical issue arises, make the call to Anderson & Vreeland. Begin with your Account Manager who can connect you with the right resource to assist. Chances are a Digital Business Analyst, a Technologies Specialist, an AVantage Consultant or an Equipment Service Engineer will understand your pain and quickly put together the plan to provide the help and guidance you need.