tesa tape in Canada

Mastering a Sticky Situation in Canada

In an age of global trade, business does not stop at national boundaries. Large narrow web, tag, label, and flexible packaging producers with production operations in both the U.S and Canada want supplies and materials with a single pricing agreement in both countries. Most have been actively seeking partners who could provide the same product regardless of where a job is produced. Addressing this challenge is the new North American alliance between Anderson & Vreeland and tesa tape, inc.

Although the two nations have distinct differences, their physical proximity means our market is North America, not just Canada or just the U.S,” says Sean Sawa, Director of Sales for Canada. “We look for partners, such as tesa, that share that perspective. Over the past four years, tesa has shown very strong year-over-year growth in Canada, closely mirroring our own. The new agreement will continue that trend, and we’re also expanding our range of solutions and increasing service and support for customers with operations on both sides of the border“.


Key Drivers

No matter where labels or packages are produced, printers require a complete range of reliable, consistent options for flexo mounting and splicing tapes. While tapes are only a portion of Anderson & Vreeland’s offerings, crafting a cross-border deal with tesa separates Anderson & Vreeland from its competitors.

The new agreement is a natural extension of the two companies’ long-standing relationship in the U.S. that has gained Anderson & Vreeland “tesanet” status as a top-tier distribution partner,” says Chuck Doyle, North American Sales Manager for tesa tapes.

Anderson Vreeland Canada Tesa Tapes

A key element of the alliance is a shared approach the two companies have adopted in working with print providers. While most experienced print providers are aware of the differences the right tapes can make in their operations, they also know tapes are not commodity choices and appreciate the importance of using the best possible tape for an application. Helping them understand the choices, tesa and Anderson & Vreeland consult with print providers to understand and assess their needs with respect to tapes (and many other areas) and help guide the choices for press operators and operations managers. “These individuals know tapes are not all equal. They are always looking for the best product for their needs, and we can help with that,” explains Mr. Doyle.

Shorter Lead Times

Another compelling advantage of the new alliance is the dramatic time reduction between ordering and delivery. Until now, the time between placing an order and receiving materials could be as long as two weeks if products are delayed at the U.S./Canada border, slowing delivery to shops that need materials to complete jobs. Now, tesa products will be stocked in Anderson & Vreeland’s Canadian warehouses for delivery in as little as one or two days. This shorter supply chain for Canadian shops enhances tesa’s presence in the Canadian market and ensures that shops doing business in both nations have full access to tesa’s mounting and splicing solutions.

We work with customers on an ongoing basis so we can anticipate the peaks and valleys in their operations,” explains Mr. Sawa. “That way we know when they will need, for instance, two cases of splicing tape, and can ship those products without an order being placed.

Mr. Doyle says tesa has the same approach. “We always plan for customer needs, but as any printer knows, one doesn’t always have the luxury of time. Having tesa’s tapes in an Anderson & Vreeland warehouse shortens lead times and helps ensure we can help a printer meet their deadlines. We are looking forward to providing Canadian flexographers with the same level of technical sales, service, and support we have provided in the U.S.