3M L-series Mounting Tapes

How to Minimize Flexo Plate Damage and Improve Printing Efficiency – New 3M L-Series Plate Mounting Tapes

One of the most underestimated factors in flexographic printing is the interplay between the flexo printing plate and adhesive tape. The tape’s adhesive must hold the plate firmly in place during the printing process, yet allow for easy removal after the job is printed. If the adhesive is too aggressive, it may damage the plate, or leave unwanted residue on the plate or cylinder, requiring added clean-up time.

3M recently introduced the Cushion-Mount Plus L-Series mounting tapes with a new and impressive adhesive technology designed to minimize plate damage and reduce associated costs. The new L-Series with Easy Mount Adhesive provides a repeatable and efficient process to mount and demount flexo printing plates, without leaving adhesive residue.

The L-Series delivers excellent print quality by holding plates effectively, resisting plate edge lifting, and requiring less removal force for easy and clean removal of printing plates across a wide range of printing applications. In addition, the adhesive uses 3M’s proprietary Easy Mount liner, which creates micro-channels in both adhesive surfaces, allowing air to escape resulting in faster set up and cleaner print quality.

Plate damage is a common problem in the flexographic printing industry and can be minimized said Kevin Hooley, marketing manager at 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division. By combining our proven Easy Mount liner with intelligent adhesive technology, flexo printers don’t have to make sacrifices in quality, profits or press speeds. We’re striving to help them make it easier than ever to achieve the results they’re looking for.

As presses run at higher speeds, any interruption (job changeovers and downtime of presses) results in higher costs. 3M’s L-Series tapes facilitate quick changeovers, which have become more and more important due to the rising amount of short runs.

In addition to easier plate handling, 3M’s L-Series plate mounting tapes are designed to provide superior printing performance with better solid ink, process and combination printing. The L-Series tape is available in a full line of foam densities for excellent print quality for process, combination and solid printing.

Anderson & Vreeland will host a webinar presenting the features of 3M’s Cushion-Mount Plus L-Series mounting tapes and how you can benefit. Participants will receive a free roll of the L-Series mounting tape to demonstrate its unique features and impressive adhesive technology. Visit https://andersonvreeland.com/webinar for more information and to learn more about the 3M Flexographic Mounting Tapes.