New ISO Standard Communicates Precise Brand Colors

Over the past ten years, Anderson & Vreeland has been working on a product that seamlessly communicates color concepts to color printers. With the launch of the ISO 17972 this October, the Xrite Color Exchange Format (CxF) will now be fully compatible on all devices, applications and locations, revolutionizing the industry by universally formatting color information across all verticals.

Previously the four standard premixed process inks (CMYK), were able to communicate with computers through ICC profiles which generally produced accurate color outside the process color spectrum.  According to CGS Publishing Technologies the ISO 17972 will replace the current CGATS format for communicating color information, and become a universal language for the print world.

“CxF works in harmony with the openness of XML to seamlessly integrate with any web-driven workflow, ICC color profiles etc. This CxF spectral data provides the data to accurately simulate ink colors, tint ramps and overprints for design prints and contract proofing.”

Color synchronization is especially important for branding purposes since a brand’s specific color palette serves as their identity to consumers. With the unveiling of the ISO 17972 this fall, companies can be sure that customers are seeing their brand in its true colors.

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