Ornamental Bronze

Ornamental Bronze Chooses A&V Canada for Improved Quality & Production

Ornamental Bronze is a unique British Columbia company that produces plaques, signage, memorials, and castings out of a wide range of bronze, brass, and aluminum alloys. The company literally creates “Ideas customized in metal” to commemorate a business, government, or individual in a fashion that combines artistic license and beauty with functionality.

Photopolymer plates play an integral role in the creation of these products. Ornamental Bronze was using sheet photopolymer plates (25” x 30” x .112) that did not provide the consistent quality and ideal relief depth required.

AV Canada demonstrated the benefits of liquid photopolymer plates and installed a 30” x 40” plate processing system offering significant improvements. AVantage liquid photopolymer, the plate material now used by Ornamental Bronze, allows for a greater relief depth (up to .150) giving them the ability to make deep etch plaques. “A&V’s equipment and materials provide a more consistent product with deeper relief, and we have much better quality control over the finished plate,” stated Noel Edmonds, Typesetter for Ornamental Bronze.

While improved quality is a significant benefit, Ornamental Bronze has really benefitted by improved productivity. The 30” x 40” system produces more plates on a single run. Plus the liquid photopolymer is less expensive and the unused photopolymer can be reclaimed.

The product coming off A&V equipment is ‘remarkable’ compared to what was previously used,” said Noel. “When A&V first installed the new equipment I realized it will probably increase our production by four times and we are very close to doing that,” he added.

Investing in new equipment, materials, and technologies can be a risky endeavor. A&V Canada helped minimize this risk by providing great product support. Angela Maud, Office Manager for Ornamental Bronze noted, “A&V made every effort to solve any problem that has arisen.” This included in-person, telephone and on-line support coming from A&V personnel in Canada and the United States.

As any salesperson will tell you, it is very gratifying to have a customer that is pleased with your product or service, let alone “sing your praises”. I would like to thank Angela, Noel, and Ornamental Bronze for their business and for placing their trust in A&V Canada.