Laser Point II Film

LaserPoint IIA solvent resistant, black, IR – UV absorbing coating on an optically clear polyester base.

Handling Characteristics

Laser Point Thermal Ablative film can be handled in normal room light.

  • No darkrooms
  • No special lighting
  • Solvent resistant
  • Imaged with most Flexographic Platesetters
  • Image quality equal to best conventional films

Dry Film – No Wet Processing

Laser Point II requires no processing. Simply image, remove and expose to plate.

  • No chemicals
  • No disposal cost
  • No processor maintenance No plumbing

Platesetter Film or Proof

Laser Point II is imaged using the same platesetter that is used to make flexographic plates.

  • No expensive imagesetter needed to make silver halide films or proofs
  • Use existing platesetter
  • No additional film required

Wide Storage Latitude

Wide storage latitude is a characteristic of Laser Point allowing the fi lm to be stored in wide variety of environments from temperatures as low as 40F to a high of 150F. This extreme latitude eliminates the need for special temperature and humidity controlled storage areas.
Recommended Storage Conditions 40F – 150F 10% – 90%RH

Tested on the Following