3M Tape Dispensers

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Dispensers available for 3M tapes are application-designed to meet the needs of the customer. Wide range includes manual hand-held, bench top, semi-automatic and fully automatic dispensers.

Definite Length Dispenser

Designed for easy handling and tireless operation, definite-length dispensers save time and money by delivering a uniform length of tape every time. Perfect for bundling, sealing, combinin attaching, and fastening applications.

Hand-Held Dispensers

A variety of hand-held dispenser designs and constructions to save time and tape in smooth, secure sealing, reinforcing, or bundling.

Lane Marking Equipment

Dispenser on wheels, used to apply tape while walking along area to be marked. For use with 3M™ Vinyl Tapes and 3M™ Safety Stripe Tapes.

Masking Machines

Dispensing equipment for large area masking. These portable masking dispensers are designed to conveniently hold various masking papers and films, making them easier to use.

Pull-and-Cut Tape Dispensers

Variety of stable tabletop units to hold single rolls of Scotch® Box Sealing Tape up to 2 inch (48 mm) wide or multiple rolls up to a combined width of 8 inch (200 mm). Dispensing is simply pulling the tape off the roll and down over the blade to cut the desired length.

Repulpable Tape Applicators

Portable, semi-automatic dispensers designed specifically to use with 3M™ Repulpable Tapes to remove liner from the tape to simplify core set changes.

Specialty Sealers

From tabletop bag sealers to manual L-clip applicators, 3M has a variety of specialty dispensing equipment to meet your packaging needs.

Stretchable Tape Wrappers

Stretchable tape wrapper dispenses Scotch® Stretchable Tape automatically while turnable turns. Programmable logic controller automatically stops when tape wrapping is finished

Tape/Film Application Tools

These applicator tools and accessories are suited for the hand application of tapes, films, or graphics and will provide for ease of installation.