Anderson & Vreeland: Plate Mate


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Plate Mate Engraving Plate Exposure System

The new Plate Mate engraving plate exposure system is simple to use and ideal
for crowded working areas. Expose copper, mag- nesium, zinc and brass engraving plates up to 24” x
36” (.040 to .250) with the Plate Mate.

Compact, Table-Top Exposure Frame

Plate Mate is designed to work with Magnesium Elektron’s new Hydrosolve coating, AQ Blue and Hydrocoat resists,
and all photo resists requiring up to 400 nm UV expo- sure. Components are easily accessed from the
front. Uses standard 110 volt, 20 amp power so you can plug it in anywhere.

Download the Plate Mate PDF



  • 37″ (wide) x 53″ (deep) x 18.5″ (high)


  • Approximately 500 lbs.


  • 120 volt/20 amps


  • High-output UV lamps
  • Solid-state ballast
  • Digital timer
  • Vacuum pump and gauge
  • Easily-accessible lamp drawer