BETAFLEX Pro Flexo Plate Analyzer

Beta Flex Pro Flex Plate Analyzer

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BetaFlex Pro Plate & Image Analyzer – Technology for Today’s Flexo

Better, More Cost Effective Flexo From Superior Image Analysis in One Affordable Easy-To-Use Device
The BetaFlex Pro Operates at the Highest Resolution to Provide You With the Most Accurate and Consistent Measurements for Better Flexo in Your Shop

REVOLUTIONARY 3D IMAGING AND DOT STRUCTURE MODE FOR HI-RESOLUTION FLEXO add topographical visualization to conventional dot area halftone measurements. Dot height, diameter, slope and more are visualized and automatically measured at 22,000 PPI. Surface enhancement techniques are easily seen and quantified.

Beta Flex Pro Flexo Plate AnalyzerProducing the smallest dots on plate does not guarantee fine highlights, smooth vignettes, and clean print, PRODUCING BETTER DOT SHAPES DOES.

The BetaFlex Pro’s 3D Imaging and Dot Structure Index measure and illustrate the characteristics of the processed plate and guide the operator to produce accurate and repeatable plates that will run reliably on press.

Catch and correct for badly structured highlight dots BEFORE the press run and the mounting of the plate.

High-value end-users include; SGS, WestRock, WS Packaging, Dart Container, Cyber Graphics, Graphic Packaging, Bemis Graphics, Kodak, Dupont, to name just a few.


    • Hi-Resolution Flexo 3D Dor Structure Analysis
    • Hi-Resolution 2D Dot Area Analysis to .5% and Better at 300 lpi and Better Stochastic Screening
    • Print (With Color Separation Analysis from the “Live Matter”, even without Targets)
    • Film measurement
    • Laser Masks

Beta Flex Pro Flexo Plate Analyzer

  • Stain Density
  • Bar code Analysis

Materials Measured

  • Photopolymer Flexo Plates
  • Elastomer Letterpress Plates
  • Flexo Masks
  • Films
  • Print Materials
  • Offset Plates

All the most sophisticated prepress techniques can be measured and controlled with ease and accuracy in one device.

The new high resolution system is portable and easy to use. Operating in TRANSMISSION mode at 14,000 PPI, it quickly and accurately measures all types of transparent flexo plates, digital ablation masks, and halftone films. The new Mask Stain Density function eliminates the need to carry an old fashioned film densitometer to verify laser energy, focus, and beam adjustments.

In PRINT mode, “Color Separation Analysis” imaging of color prints on film and paper provides measurements of Dot Area, Screen Ruling, Edge Factor and more. Excellent for work where there is no room for printed targets like cosmetic and pharmaceutical work. Data and images are easily captured and printed with the integral report generator and statistical analyzer. Offset plates can also be measured.

The new automatic 4 point calibration system eliminates the need to make multiple manual measurements. The Calibration Target and software system maintains a database of the instrument status to satisfy the most stringent ISO registration requirements. All of this is combined with the high precision, ease of use, and Beta product support that has made Betaflex the standard for Flexo Quality Control.

  • Measure flexo plates, films, and digital masks in conventional 2D mode (.5% at 250 lpi and better)
  • Dot Structure Analysis in 3D mode reveals dot height, slope, and more
  • Print mode measures true mechanical dot area on offset plates and prints
  • Automatic 4 point calibration system with ISO-compliant target
  • Mask Stain density function for laser ablation setup
  • Image Overlay and Comparison function to visialize and measure dot changes

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