Centrifugal Ink Pumps

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powerwise centrifufalPowerwise offers two types of Centrifugal Ink Pumps and pumping systems.

NYLON Coated Series
Features and easy clean dipped and heat fused surface.

Three stainless steel rods allow the pump to be placed in various depth containers.

Sold as a Complete System and features the following:

By-pass system: two full flow ball valves critical ink control to the press print decks
Uniform mixing and viscosity control: achieved throughout the whole ink container by convenient adjustment of the by-pass ball valve while the pump is running. The by-pass also double as a flushing system during press clean-up.
Stainless steel hinged lids: allow the pumps to sit in any standard 5 gallon (20 liter) container.
Stainless steel components: includes discharge pipe, rods, shafts, endplate and hardware. A delrin vallute is featured on the Trifugal models.
Motors include: UL and CSA rates explosion proof; EEx-e extended safety and EEX-d, explosion proof ATEX rated motors. Non-explosive proof and variable speed AC inverter controlled motors. All voltages are available in stock or by special order. Variable speed air motors for water based and solvent based liquids.

powerwise centrifufalOther features:

  • Complete Stainless Steel Pump End.
  • 55 gallon (208 litres) drum pumps in air and electric.
  • Gravure fast flow pumps with 1″ (25mm) pipe work.
  • ATEX rated Euro models and Canadian length models.
  • Demountable pumps allow the motor to easily be removed from the pump end and placed on a clean unit. Saves on downtime! One motor with multiple pump ends.

Centrifugal Ink Pumps: Each 5 gallon/20 liter ink pump comes complete with a full flow by-pass and stainless steel components throughout. Two designs of pump ends are available: 1) NYLON coating and 2) Trifugal design. Choose which type of design you prefer. Both flow rates and performance are the same. Each unit is sold with a 5 gallon or 20 liter mild steel ink pail.


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