Cylinders and Sleeve Mandrels for Flexo Printing


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Great Lakes Cylinders for Superior Flexo Printing

Great Lakes Cylinders offers precision-toleranced cylinders and sleeve mandrels designed with the accuracy required to reduce the variables in your printing process and improve print quality, deliver higher press speeds and shorter set-up times.

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Cylinders and Accessories literature

Every cylinder and sleeve mandrel is manufactured to your custom specifications and you are provided detailed documentation of size control, TIR, and balance results for every cylinder you order.

flexo cylinder materialsSleeve Mandrel and Cylinder Materials & Design Options

A variety of material options and design enhancements are available, including: Steel, thin wall steel, composite/carbon fiber, aluminum, internal air piping, chrome plating, nickel plating, sleeve end stops, pin registration, high-strength journals, and drilled for air.

Air mandrels flexoAir Mandrels

Precision air mandrels can be used with sleeves for flexo or gravure printing with designs focusing on safety, cleanliness, and speed. This results in faster sleeve mounting and reduced set-up time.

Gears, Hubs, Timing Disks and Bearing Sleeves

Turn to Anderson & Vreeland and Great Lakes Cylinders for all your associated hardware requirements. Cylinders and the necessary hardware are shipped together – accurate, complete, and assembled.