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Fiberweb – KLEANWIPES Natural Citrus Hand Cleaners get the job done right from the first swipe. 

There’s no better way to ruin your prints than by touching them with dirty hands. Fiberweb® Graphic Arts provides products for those who need them most. Whether it’s nails, fingers, hands or arms, Fiberweb’s hand cleaning products get the job done right from the first swipe. So go ahead, touch those beautiful prints, free of dirt, grime and even the toughest inks and dyes.

  • Super strong and yet soft fabric—Kleanwipes PM hand wipes are made with an efficient non-woven fabric designed to remove stubborn inks, greases, paint and other hard to remove contaminants.
  • Convenient—Kleanwipes PM’s innovative bucket design elimates the need to leave your work station to wash your hands. Webril’s quick release pump gives you quick access to clean your hands without having to use water.
  • No rinsing required—Webril Natural Citrus hand cleaners leave hands clean, dry & citrus fresh while drying fast.
  • Fast drying—Quick dry compound allows the user to start handling paper or plates quickly without fear of contamination.
  • Multipurpose
    • Removes ink
    • Remove grease & oil
    • Removes dirt stains
    • Removes plumbers putty
    • All types of embedded grime

    Fiberweb -KLEANWIPES Hand CleanerKLEANWIPES Natural Citrus Hand Cleaner – Cream with Pumice

    Fiberweb -KLEANWIPES Hand TowelsKLEANWIPES Natural Citrus – Hand Cleaner Towels