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Filtration SystemsFiltration Systems recycle water-washout solutions like Cosmolight, removing polymer residue allowing for repeated use of the water washout solution. From 12″ x 18″ to 42″ x 60″.

CL-50 Whirl-A-Way AV Polymer Removal System

The AV Whirl-A-Way uses centrifugal force to separate suspended polymer solids from water flexo washout solutions. The solids are collected in a disposable plastic bag while the clean washout solution is re-circulated back into the system for reuse.

Download the CL-50 Whirl-A-Way Polymer Removal System Brochure

Download the CL-50 230 Volt Electrical Diagram

Download the CL-50 120 Volt 4 P Drive Electrical Diagram

Download the CL-50 120 Volt 6 P Drive Electrical Diagram