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Flexopodz LogoFlexo printing sleeves save time and effort in the pressroom. However, proper storage of them can be difficult. Over time as the number of sleeves increases, storage becomes more and more difficult. Inevitably, sleeves are precariously placed on skids, taking up increasing amounts of valuable floor space. Ineffective protection means sleeves are at risk of being damaged by collapsing, or by being bumped.

Flexo sleeves must be stored vertically to avoid warping. Sleeve manufacturers recommend that sleeves are stored vertically so that they do not warp or develop flat spots—making them difficult to reuse and place around a mandrel.

With traditional shelving, a large percentage of valuable floor space is wasted in the aisles between the shelving units. Twenty shelving units, two feet wide, would typically need an additional 66 feet of space to account for the area needed between them. Too often, more facility space is required.

Introducing Flexopodz®. A revolutionary system that safely stores flexo sleeves while freeing up significant floor space in your printing plant.

What do you get with Flexopodz?

FlexopodzWhen storage areas get overcrowded and disorganized, other issues can crop up: decreased productivity, safety hazards. Ultimately this results in a negative effect on the bottom-line.

Expandable: Flexopodz® is an expandable and modular storage system specifically designed for the safe and protected storage of flexo sleeves. The system safely stores hundreds or thousands of sleeves without gravity affecting their shapes. Flexopodz® is designed to be expanded to fit the growing needs of your plant. Flexopodz® fits more sleeves per shelf than any other alternative.

Well-organized use of space: The system is designed and custom-built to store sleeves of different dimensions on a multiple level system. Flexopodz® will preform a pre-site inspection that includes a sleeve inventory audit and assessment of the physical warehouse space and flooring. Once information is gathered, Flexopodz® will present a comprehensive storage plan proposal to accommodate current and future sleeve storage requirements. The Flexopodz storage plan will minimize floor space while maximizing storage capacity.

Prevents sleeve damage: Flexopodz® ensures maximum protection for sleeves of any size, type, or configuration.

Easy access: The Flexopodz® system assures easy access, storage and retrieval. All sleeves can be easily retrieved and are readily identifiable with a magnetic labeling system, saving valuable operator time.

Learn more: andersonvreeland.com/plateroom/sleeves-and-sleeve-storage/