HYBRID Patchplanner

Hybrid Patchplanner

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Benefits of Using Patchplanner

  • Optimize flexo plate usage
  • True PDF workflow – no need to RIP or screen files first
  • Intuitive web-browser interface (up to 10 concurrent users)
  • Proofscope quality control check before patching
  • Patchplanner’s zero coordinate is the same as your traditional zero coordinate
  • Patchplanner speaks your mounting language, so you don’t have to learn a new language for digital mounting!
  • Auto-detect all artwork patches with a single mouse click
  • Merge patches to make plate mounting easier
  • Custom marks capabilities
  • Server runs on Mac or PC platform


Patch Detection

  • Automatic patch detection
  • Visual warnings for small patches (single camera mount)
  • Automatic detection of all artwork on the plate – even as small as a single pixel!
  • Ability to select multiple patches and merge into a single patch, for greater mounting productivity

Calculate Layout & Output Files

  • Optimized PDF file for output on any modern RIP

Hybrid Patchplanner Technical Specifications

  • Runs on Mac or PC Server (customer supplied)
  • Cross-platform support of standard web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 8 or later)
  • Accepts print-ready PDF files from all standard graphics applications
  • Separates multi-color PDFs into individual separations for patch planning
  • Different crosshairs (sizes and designs) or microdots
  • Output xml (e.g. ‘mom’ file) file with mounting mark coordinates which is automatically transferred to the Optimount
  • Adjustable spaces and borders (additional space around, space between subject and crosshair…)
  • Adjustable patch-suggestions
  • Easy handling of grouping/ungrouping of elements
  • Outputs optimized PDF file for film or plate output