Jalema Plate Storage

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Jalema Racks and File Folders

Jalema Uni Racks are suitable for Job-, Uni- and Repro-files. Uni racks are supplied as do-ityourself kits and include clear assembly instructions. Assembly is extremely simple. Racks can be expanded next to each other in an unlimited quantity. The profiles can be adjusted in height every 3 cm. They have to be ordered separately. Files of smaller size are suspended in the upper section and larger files in the lower section. The maximum evenly distributed load is 200 kg per profile. Jalema offers two types of Uni racks: racks of 400 mm depth designed for files up to 390 x 495 mm and racks with a depth of 550 mm which are suitable for files up to 570 x 695 mm. A special rack is available for A4 files, which can fit up to six rows.

The Wall-Mounted Filing Rack is ideal for use as a small archive close to the workspace, thereby placing important files within easy reach.

Color Coding

Codetabs are laminated self-adhesive coloured tabs that are available either blank or with numbers, letters, year date printed on them. Codetabs make it possible to develop your own personal coding system. Whether you file by order number, client name, postal code, date or client number, Codetabs are the answer. The use of Codetabs on files rules out the possibility of misfiling. If a file is hung incorrectly, it stands out immediately because the colour pattern is interrupted. The year date tabs are also convenient because they make it immediately apparent the year in which the file was created, thereby also making it obvious when the file is old enough to be removed from the archive. Virtually all Jalema files come with a coding strip consisting of six 26 mm sections and one 21 mm section. The Codetabs are adhered to these sections, thus creating an efficient coding system. Codetabs are available in a variety of different packagings.

plate storage color coding system