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Nyloflex Next FIII

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Create Flat Top Dots Two step exposure – Combination of UV-A LEDs with UV-A tubes

Flint Group Nyoflex NextMid-size format, suitable for processing high quality photopolymer plates up to a maximum size of 1200 x 920 mm (47.2” x 36.2”) with nyloflex NExT. High performance exposure technology for precise image reproduction, finest relief elements and highest print quality. Features innovative combination of latest generation UV-A LEDs with high output UV-A tubes.

Offers all benefits of flat top dots & surface screening.

  • Virtual 1:1 copy of the digital data
  • Tremendous improvement of ink transfer and laydown in solids, up to 25% extended gamut

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Two Step Exposure – Combination of UV-A LEDs with UV-A tubes

In the first step a UV-A exposure is performed by scanning the plate surface with a high emission UV LED line. This results in a very fast crosslinking of the surface, even faster than the oxygen diffusion occurs. Thus, the oxygen effect is suppressed.

In a second step, the relief is created by exposure with standard UV-A tubes. In addition to a significantly higher level of UV intensity (up to 20 times), the emission of UV LEDs is much more consistent, and the lifetime is longer compared to conventional UV tubes.

Due to the beneficial characteristics of UV LEDs, which do not reduce their UV intensity over their lifetime in the way conventional UV tubes do, nylo- flex® NExT substantially enhances production consistency, especially for recurrence orders.