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Water-Wash Photopolymer Plate Processors

Anderson & Vreeland offers a complete selection of water-wash photopolymer plate processors that are good for your organization and good for the environment.

Orbital Letterpress/Dry Offset Systems

Orbital Letterpress/Dry Offset Systems are self-contained systems designed to produce tap water-wash photopolymer printing plates direct from negatives. Plate size capabilities range from 12″ x 12″ to 25″ x 30″.

The Orbital X is a multi-function plate processor available in two sizes for water-wash plates up to 12″x 18″ and 25″ x 30″. It is simple to use, versatile and ideal for crowded working areas. This stack-style processor features an orbital washout, exposure section, a three-drawer dryer and optional detack section. Components are easily accessed from the front. Features include a stainless-steel washout section to prevent corrosion, a dual orbital-action platen for efficient washout, digital timers for accurate washout and exposure, vacuum pump and electronic solid-state ballasts. A thermostat controlled three drawer dryer uses forced hot air for efficient plate drying.

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