RonI 12107-1 Series Expand-O-Turn

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Expand o turnThe 12107-1 Series Electric Expand-O-Turn is an electrically operated core expander for paper and film rolls with 3” and 6” cores and allows for manually rotating the roll. Rolls of varying dimensions, weights up to 300-lbs (depending on roll size), can be picked up from the vertical position at floor/pallet level and deposited at random heights in a horizontal position.

The Expand-O-Turn expander is operated via pushbuttons, is simple and easy to use, and will not damage the core or the roll surface.

Features and Technical Data:

  • Expand-
    • Depress the “Expand” pushbutton control
    • Expander stops movement based on squeeze pressure preset at the factory
  • Retract
    • Depress the “Retract” pushbutton and the “Inhibit” pushbutton simultaneously
  • Indicator Light
    • Flashes when current limit is reached during “Expand” and “Retract” operations. Expander motor shuts off
  • Manual Rotate – Standard
    • Electric Rotate – Optional for heavy rolls
  • Expander Slide Rails to achieve roll balance for ease of rotation
    • 4 Positions available
  • Slide On/Slide Off different expanders for additional product handling flexibility
    • 3” & 6” Standard
    • Additional sizes are available
  • Quick disconnect features for power connection


  • Manual Rotate: Standard
  • Electric Rotate: Optional for Heavy Rolls
  • Expander Slide Rails: 4 Positions Available
  • Slide On/Slide Off Expanders: 3″ & 6″ Standard

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