SPGPrints variLEX Direct Laser Exposer


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Versatility has a new name.

Finally, the hybrid solution for digital pre-press is here. variLEX®, the new direct laser exposer for rotary screens, flexo and dry offset delivers top quality and an unmatched productivity. SPGPrints’ patented diode system unites perfect imaging quality with an unmatched versatility. The result, an excellent cost per screen or plate.

SPGPrints variLEX

A digital exposer that matches your demands

The variLEX® is a versatile machine which can be configured according to your needs. It is possible to use the machine for different product applications, standard or high speed and different wavelengths. This gives you the versatility as an all-in one exposing unit matching your demands.

The variLEX® can be equipped for rotary screens, flexo and dry offset applications. The machine can be configured with high-power diodes. These diodes allow 2 different wavelenghts, which makes it possible to engrave black mask (polymer) material and also expose light sensitive layers, such as RotaPlate®. This is especially interesting for customers who use different printing technologies in their factory. The modular concept makes it also possible to extend the number of high power laser diodes in the machine, so that the machine’s productivity can help your company grow. Next to this, the machine can be equipped with a precision hybrid drum (magnet and vacuum), so that each plate or screen material from every supplier can be mounted and processed.


The variLEX® distincts itself by delivering an unmatched image quality. The machine is standard equipped with high definition optics. Next to this, for black mask engraving, the machine is standard delivered with our groundbreaking in-line UV-LED technology. This means that parallel with the imaging, the polymer material of the flexo or letterpress plate is directly exposed. The enhanced design of the UV-LED exposing ring ensures razor sharp images and high reproducibility. This fully controlled in-line UV technology reduces the workflow with a one-step process, and therefore saves time, improves the reproducibility and lowers the operating costs in your prepress department. This results in unmatched quality against lower costs for your plate and screen making.

Training and support

SPGPrints is already more than a decade active in pre-press equipment for the graphics industry. We are renowned for our excellent technical and application support. As global supplier we have a world-wide service network, which guarantees your need for local support. This all ensures that you have the maximum benefit from your pre-press department.