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The latest generations of splicing tapes continue the success story of tesa EasySplice® and related splicing products for a variety of markets.

Splicing Tapes for Film Materials

Film converters benefit from tesa’s decades of experience in flying splice applications with a tailor-made film splicing assortment.

With the invention of EasySplice®, tesa revolutionized processes in paper producing and converting industries.
Film converters benefit from tesa EasySplice® with our FilmLine series, which were especially developed for the splicing of unpolar, filmic substrates. Fast preparation and secure splicing at the highest speed ensure process stability and efficiency.
tesa also offer a double-sided tape and functional label assortment for conventional flying splice applications, as well as a complete range of process tapes for the complete production process.

tesa EasySplice® Benefits

    tesa Easysplice® FilmLine

    tesa Easysplice® FilmLine

  • Save time
  • As the name implies, this is the easy and therefore fast way to prepare reels for a splice. Just one straight line – no extra tape, no additional butterflies necessary.

  • Be quick
  • Run even difficult-to-splice substrates at full machine speed! The secret lies in the formulation – our patented FilmLine contact adhesive meets the highest requirements.

  • Reduce waste
  • Higher splice performance means less waste! All tesa EasySplice® products come with a specially designed splitting strip, ensuring safe closure of the new reel during acceleration and precise opening of the new reel after contact – again and again.

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Splicing Tapes for Paper Printing

tesa EasySplice® solutions for the printing industry have developed even further.

Maximized Efficiency

For over a decade, tesa EasySplice® has proven effective for flying splice in the printing and paper industry. The newest generation of splicing tapes offers an even better performance due to its improved contact adhesive, combined with the most reliable product design and a tailored assortment for all paper grades and reel stands.

Improved contact adhesive:

  • Newly designed “all-weather” adhesive remains largely unaffected by temperature and humidity variations in the environment. It always performs at the same high level, whether at very cold or very hot and humid conditions.
  • It offers 30 percent more tack than the market standard to create the most reliable contact between the new and expiring web during splicing.
  • Due to its increased wetting the new adhesive bonds perfectly, even on critical papers.
  • The new tesa EasySplice® family offers an 18-month shelf life (50 percent longer durability compared to the market standard) without loss of performance.

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  • Discover all tesa® Easybridge and Detection Labels for Paper Printing solutions by application on tesa’s website
  • Download Brochure: tesa EasySplice® Solutions for the Paper Printing Industry

Splicing tapes for Corrugated Board Production

Secure splicing of all paper grades for corrugated board production, even at high machine speeds and elevated temperatures
To splice different paper grades of liner and flute, tesa offer a comprehensive assortment of double-sided splicing tapes. All ensure a fast splice preparation and offer high tack for secure splicing as well as heat and shear resistance for a stable corrugated production process. Special adhesive formulas and high coating weights ensure highest performance and secure bonds, even on rough and demanding surfaces.

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