Toyobo Cosmolight Z Series

Toyobo Z Series

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Water washable flexo plate

Cosmolight NZ/QZ

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Solvent Free
  • User Friendly

Cosmolight┬« is a product line of water washable flexo printing plates, developed with TOYOBO’s unique polymer technology. As the pioneer of water washable photopolymer plates, TOYOBO has been contributing the printing markets with environment and user-friendly products over 40 years.
Now, TOYOBO has newly developed Cosmolight Z series that outperforms high-end flexo plates on printing quality and productivity.

Improvement in Productivity

Saving Press-Down Time

Ink-filling Minimized: With 40 years of proficiency in polymer engineering, the new QZ plate was developed to allow for impressive ink-transfer but with less ink-filling in mid and highlight tones, enabling printers to print with less plate cleaning time, that keeps press downtime to a minimum.
Toyobo Z Series Ink Filing
Smoother Plate Surface: Polymers in Z series were modified to achieve smoother finished plate surface, collecting less dust during printing, enabling printers to reduce cleaning time and press downtime.
Toyobo Z Series Plate Surface

Saving Processing Time

Press-ready Plates In One Hour or Less: Cosmolight utilizes solvent-free processing, enabling the plate to be completed with much shorter drying time.
Toyobo Z Series Processing Time

High Productivity=Cost Savings

Improvement in Printing Quality

Ink Transfer

Excellent Ink Transfer: The plate achieves rich ink transfer; both ink density and coverage, with consistent printability on wide range of substrates such as coated paper, rough paper, and film.
Ink Transfer
Precise Screening Pattern Reproduction: The QZ plate shows excellent performance with solid screening technology, commonly used in flexible packaging printing. Renewed polymer structure allows any patterns on LAMS layer to be reproduced sharply on plate solid area.

Printing Reproduction

Flat Top Dot: All Cosmolight® products are flat top dots built-in.
Flat Top Dots
Micro-dots Reproduction: OZ plate, with advanced polymer structure, enables printers to achieve the smallest dots on print without dot gain regardless of AM/FM or hybrid screening.
Micro Dot Reproduction



Processing Time

Processing Time Table

Structure of Plate

Structure of Plate


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