Ultramatic 90

Ultramatic 90

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The Ultramatic 90 can be used to etch both zinc and magnesium plates in sizes up to 50 x 65 cm (20″ x 25″). Strong construction and corrosion resistant materials assure long life of machines. Plate rotary motion eliminates the possibility of non uniform etching. A highly sensitive temperature controller reduces to a minimum temperature variations which take place during etching cycle. Automatic heating is built into the machine, which works in conjunction with either a refrigerator unit or network water cooling.


  • Bath capacity: 90 liters
  • Automatic etching cycle
  • Free standing operator’s panel
  • Electronic paddle speed control up to 750 rpm.
  • S-shaped paddles
  • Fume trunking connexion
  • Æ 80 mm
  • Electrical: 220/380 Volt, 50 or 60 Hz.
  • Dimensions: 1600 L x 1040W x 1000H
    (63″L x 41″W x 40″H)
  • Net weight: 500 Kg. (1100 lbs)


Refrigerator unit. 5 HP air-cooled refrigerator with chill water tank and circulating pump. PVC exhaust fan: for fumes extraction. Stainless steel pump: to assure quick draining of the bath. Acid dispensing system: minimizes hazardous and time-consuming operations.