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Pamarco Care Pad

Pamarco Care Pad
The Care Pad and Care Pad XL are fibrous cleaning aids specifically designed to penetrate deep into each Anilox Cell and provide maximum cleaning on even the most stubborn ink residues. All the Care Pads feature:

  • More surface area than brushes for greater cleaning action
  • 50 Micron fibre size is more effective than brush bristles to get into fine Anilox cells
  • Flexible fibre provides enhanced scrubbing action
  • Safe for your Anilox roll, plate surface or rubber roll
  • A super soaker middle layer is included to hold and maintain moisture
  • Economical – Less expensive than brushes


FlexoCleanersNylon Bristles for Anilox Cleaning

Resistant to abrasion and high heat, easily fits in the palm of your hand. Maintains low water absorption and has excellent bristle recovery.Used on stainless steel anilox rollers because brass brushes may plug the cells and stainless steel brushes may wear the cells.


Brass bristles

Used to clean chrome plated anilox rolls because the soft brass won’t distort the cells as might a steel brush.


Stainless steel

Used to clean ceramic aniloxes because ceramic is harder than steel and brass brushes may actually plug the cells of a ceramic roller with brass.




For increased protection in hazardous environments, rely on SafeGrip latex exam gloves. SafeGrip has an average thickness of no less than 12 mils which is almost 4 times the ASTM standard. For added protection in high-risk situations, SafeGrip has an extended, beaded cuff of 290mm! This textured glove is powder-free to help reduce the risk of skin irritation. Ambidextrous gloves packaged 50 per box, 10 boxes per case.

  • Powder-free to help reduce the risk of skin irritation
  • Greater thickness for greater protection
  • Superior tensile strength for extraordinary resiliency
  • Extended, beaded cuffs for increased protection
  • Textured surface


Speedball Deluxe 2″,3″,6″ Soft Rubber Brayers

Heavy-duty steel frame eliminates warping. Smooth, soft rubber mounted on a sturdy metal core eliminates warping for smooth roll out on a variety of surfaces. Soft roller made from pure gum natural rubber with a ground finish is great for many creative techniques. Durable plastic comfort grip handle fits easily in the hand.


Primer 94

Tape Primer 94 can be applied under the lead and trailing edge of a photopolymer plate to hold the plate down on press when plate edge lifting is a problem.




Rotary knives to prevent damages on cylinders and sleeves





  • These cups have a guaranteed tollerance of 3% and comply with ASTM D4212.
  • They are compatible to ASTM D1084, Viscosity of Adhesives, and ASTM D816.
  • Cup calibration is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
  • Furnished with each cup is a conversion table relating cup efflux time in seconds to viscosity in centistokes.
  • Cups are precision made from stainless steel making them very durable and easy to clean.
  • These are our favorite dip viscometers

ZAHN Signature Series Dip Viscosity Cup

S90/Zahn Signature Dip Viscosity Cups are an improved version of the time honored Zahn Signature Cups.

  • Calibration of the S90/Zahn cups match the earlier Zahn Signature Cups.
  • S90/Zahn Cups qualify for certification under ANSI / NCSLZ540-1 or MIL-STD-45662A, as applicable.
  • Furnished with each cup is a conversion table relating cup efflux time in seconds to viscosity in centistokes.

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